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Temporary Home

*This is a re-post from three years ago, after having been for a visit on the East Coast of Canada. Today hubby heads there (he refers to it as the Promised Land) and my thoughts have been going East more each day … it is time I make plans for a trip to that temporary home, from my past.. 606 more words


Sleeping in & Rockhampton

Sunday, August 10th
The house keeping woke us up at 10am! We had all been so exhausted from last night’s late drive and I guess we needed the sleep. 267 more words

Mothership Roast Brisket Ragout with Wholewheat Penne

This is a follow on to the Mothership Brisket recipe. In his book, Jamie Oliver goes on to show you a Korean BBQ rice, which I must say looks delicious. 183 more words