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Three That Is Not Real (2014)

1. Santa.

2. Easter Bunny.

3. Elvis is still alive.
Not real-
But a fun believing fantasy deal.


Day Sixty One

August; a good a time as any to start wearing your Easter bunny mask for the first time!

Also, her t-shirt *swoon*

100 Days Of Happiness

"Bunnyman Massacre" (2014) Review

Despite frequently airing on the Chiller network, I’ve never actually seen Bunnyman. Judging by its trailer, though, the film is a mixture of… 329 more words


There Goes Peter Cottontail

Who was the first to go?

The Tooth Fairy, that’s who, that little fetishist, sneaking into children’s bedrooms, trading money for teeth. I suppose the Tooth Fairy is the least definite of the fantasy commies who distribute goodies among the masses. 521 more words