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Can we make better lies?

If we’ve all decided that we’re going to lie to kids and see what crazy shizz we can get them to believe, can we please work a little harder and make our lies just that little bit more complete? 841 more words

Ranting Whimsical

From Laughter to Tears

Kathy touched my heart by bringing back a glimpse of the “good old days” when she told about her encounter with the butter churn.  In my mind, she was talking about some of the best days of my life. 612 more words

The Same Day

The Same Day

It’s probably better  to learn  from history  than dismiss it.     Instead of groaning,  “Boring!”  let’s take a peek  at some Old Testament history. 913 more words


Greetings from Mrs Tink aka the "Awkward Greeter"

Awkward greetings are something that I have always to excelled at – and by awkward I mean physically awkward for both me and my victim. When meeting someone for the first time it is standard practice to do one of two things, either say hello or shake hands – very simple. 821 more words

My Son the Designer

My son is having his first booth at a Christmas Bazaar in Greenville this Saturday! Roundhouse Council is sponsoring a Christmas Bazaar and he’ll be there with totebags, t-shirts, prints, and notecards with his now famous robots. 170 more words

Interview with the Bunny

Interview with the Bunny

I am not a religious person, but I feel that religious holidays have become so commercialized most people have lost sight of their origins. 512 more words


Easter Egg Escapade

Is now posted on it’s own page. Just look under the page Simon and Toby Adventures!  Enjoy!!

Up next in a few days will be my Auntie Goose Nursery Rhymes project. 27 more words