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"Ostara Bunny" Figurine Make-Over

 As I had a day off work yesterday (for Keiro no Hi), I thought I’d try my hand at a bit of arts & crafts work. 366 more words

Art & Expression

Easter Promotion Photo Shoot

Here are pictures I took for an Easter Promotion for Motive 8 Fitness!


E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at Earth's Core

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at Earth’s Core
by William Joyce  
(The Guardians #2)

- In which North starts learning to curve his temper/impetuousness and wield the Lunar sword. 181 more words


Rise of the Guardians

Dad: Ok, so that movie was called Rise of the Guardians. What was it about?
Lilly: It was about Jack Frost.
D: That’s right. Do you remember who else was in it, besides Jack Frost? 1,213 more words


When the (holi)days pile up

Did August zip by in a blur as fast for you as it did for me? Here we are in a new September, a new school year already underway. 437 more words

Flourishing Tree

When Should We Stop Lying To Our Children?

This coming Thursday at my son’s school they will be having their first ever Father’s Day stall selling gifts for the students to purchase for their dads. 1,226 more words

Parenting Problems