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There Goes Peter Cottontail

Who was the first to go?

The Tooth Fairy, that’s who, that little fetishist, sneaking into children’s bedrooms, trading money for teeth. I suppose the Tooth Fairy is the least definite of the fantasy commies who distribute goodies among the masses. 521 more words


Why I Love Search Engine Fails

The good news: scientific research teams have isolated unicorn DNA. The bad news: they found it in British supermarket beef products.

Yesterday one of my… 647 more words


Annual Manic Episodes

My thoughts have been racing all week. About a thousand things to tell you about, none of which make it from my mind to my fingers fast enough, so while I work on that, here’s something to make you smirk, or giggle, or laugh – like, a lot, if you’re having a manic episode. 11 more words

Santa Bunny

Khobi: (Out of the blue) Mum! Did you know Easter Bunny is like Peter Rabbit?
Me: Yes, they’re both rabbits.
Khobi: Nooo, one’s a bunny and one’s a rabbit. 42 more words

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