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"Ostara Bunny" Figurine Make-Over

 As I had a day off work yesterday (for Keiro no Hi), I thought I’d try my hand at a bit of arts & crafts work. 366 more words

Art & Expression

Dear Oxy, #5

Dear Oxy,

My entire life has been stolen, without a sound.  My reputation as a ruthless assassin… gone.  Even my own shadow mocks me.  Watch this video, and it should explain my problem: 325 more words

Steve Jobs Speech

Today I found the text of two Steve Jobs speeches — first from the Crazy Ones Think Different campaign and another one given at 2005 Stanford University Commencement hidden inside a file in the Pages application: 2,376 more words

Time capsule

There’s a radio show where
Guests read their teenage diaries,
And laugh and cringe and ponder
What wise pearls or encouragement
They might offer their younger self. 169 more words


Plotting your success novel- Part 1

Zen Scribe once told us a story. (He did confess that it was inspired from Alice in Wonderland.)

A disheveled and confused fellow once approached an old man and asked him,” Sir, could you please tell me where I am?” 491 more words


Ready Player One

In the mood for some sci-fi? I have been this summer. This was recommended by various booktubers who have been right about things I’d like in the past.  793 more words

Ursa the Big Bear

Kalki: Hey, it’s Ursa! Big Bear!

Kalki and the two Girls are hanging out in Girl 2’s room, checking out the glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling, when Kalki has a moment of recognition. 138 more words

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