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Easter Island Easter Bonnets

Once upon a time, on an island far far away, there was an Easter Parade. And, like any good Easter celebration, there were bonnets. And Spam. 243 more words

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A Monumental Easter

Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen’s expedition to the South Pacific in 1722, led to the discovery of an extraordinary remote island on Easter Sunday.

Whilst on his second voyage to the Pacific in March 1774, Captain James Cook revisited Easter Island to take on supplies. 114 more words


A long way from anywhere

Easter Island is one of the most isolated places on earth. The nearest inhabited island is Pitcairn Island (Population 67!) 1,191 miles away. Chile is 2,291 miles away, or 5 hours flying time with a 2 hour time difference. 630 more words

Easter Island

Archaeo-Mysteries and Artifacts

Klaus Dona with James Swagger on Capricorn Radio – April 2014

Talking about newest discoveries in “forbidden” archeology.

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Easter Island

On Easter Sunday, 1722, Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen came across a small island in the Pacific Ocean with about 2000-3000 inhabitants. Considering the date, he named the Island “Easter Island”, but its local name is Rapa Nui. 303 more words

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Spontaneous Trip to the Island

Easter Island that is, a big music camping festival that’s about 30 minutes away from town. I had been adamantly telling people I wouldn’t be there. 511 more words

Easter Island – alive and well in Soho?

The April 1986 edition of World of Interiors has a feature headlined “Soho strip”. It’s written by Doris Saatchi, as Doris Lockhart then was, a New York-born writer and art connoisseur married to advertiser Charles Saatchi. 1,296 more words