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Easter Island; the isle of disappearance

Hmm this might really be one of those mysteries that really creates this itch inside my body. It almost uncontrollably guides my hands to a… 438 more words


Easter Island Animatic

Tomorrow is presentation day! Wow this week has flew! After alot of storyboards, idea’s and creative criticism we finally decided to focus on the ‘easter island’ idea. 100 more words


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An Evening on Easter Island

“Bienvenida a BonBon.” His flip flops slapped against the floor as he came forward extending his hand in welcome.  It was an easy beginning to a night hosted, prepared and served by the same man in his board shorts, and saturday afternoon tee.   117 more words


Picture of the day: The cemetary at Easter Island

Some shots I like more when I look at the afterwards, then at the moment when I took them. This is one of them. This is the cemetery at Easter Island, the beautiful island located in the middle of the pacific, and the island itself is the one place on earth that is  permanently populated , and furthest from any other populated places on the planet. 28 more words


A Strange And Wondrous Easter Island Find

Recently, in an obscure archaeological journal it was revealed that there is a source carving that seemed to serve as the inspiration for the stone statues (Moai) of Easter Island (Rapa-Nui). 290 more words

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