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The Most Remote Airport in the World

Security?  Yes, it exists in a casual way.  Landing and taking off from Mataveri International Airport is almost like jumping into a time machine and flying before the fight against terrorism became a dominant ‘feature’ of most airports.  466 more words

South America

Remembering Easter Island at Easter

It’s been a month since we left Easter Island but the my memories are vivid and emotional.  I’ve been to a lot of remote places in Canada:  Sable Island; the isolated north shore of the St. 1,054 more words

Easter Island

One of the most isolated and serenely beautiful places on Earth, Easter Island is a destination like no other. Full of outstanding natural beauty and a cultural history rich with experience, your  436 more words


Q&A Art. Moai on Easter Island

As Westminster is to London, so the Moai are the iconic symbols of Easter Island.  Although many people know of their existence, not many know the stories behind them.

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Easter Island Figure

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is one of the most remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. It was named by Dutch explorers who sighted the island on Easter Sunday, 1722. 128 more words


A brave new world – Santiago and Easter Island

I was 2 days off being able to say that I ate Easter eggs on Easter Island during Easter weekend. However, in the end it wasn’t worth disrupting travel plans for that little bit of wordplay. 889 more words

Happy Easter (Island)

Okay, it’s a pretty tenuous link between the holiday many of you are probably celebrating and Easter Island. But it is a good excuse for me to learn a little bit more about a place that I’ve always found fascinating. 274 more words