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Easter "Tips"

January 30, 2015: Barry Cauchon



Rage (Chapter 5) "Hapa Girl DNA" by M. Talmage Moorehead

The moon’s size and distance were selected so that its silhouette would precisely cover the sun during an eclipse.

Some call it blind luck. But what are the odds? 2,760 more words

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Dia 8. Cavernas e Moais - Ana Te Pahu, Ana Te Peu e Ahu Akive

Acordamos com a Carolina fazendo sei lá o que pelo quarto. Era umas 8h então resolvemos levantar e seguir com o roteiro.

Hoje era o dia das cavernas! 608 more words


Islands at a glance

When we were deciding to do this trip, and which islands to include, I kept having to look certain information up over and over again. “There isn’t any public transport,” I would read somewhere. 655 more words


Chile: Christmas, Graffiti, and Neruda


My last stop in South America was Chile. Why Chile you ask? Well, honestly because it had no visa fee. I was traveling with my family and none of us had traveled much in South America so we had many destinations to choose from. 996 more words

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Stone Temple Pilots

This is Jim. First, let me apologize for the title of this post. Stacy insisted, in keeping with the theme she started ( although I have to admit the idea occurred to me when I saw the band name on a guy’s t-shirt in Santiago). 192 more words

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