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Thomas Ashe

Thomas Ashe (12th January 1885 – 25th September 1917) was a member of the Gaelic League, the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and a founding member of the Irish Volunteers. 282 more words


Joseph Mary Plunkett

127 years ago today a mighty warrior poet was born. Joseph Mary Plunkett was born in one of the wealthiest parts of Dublin with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. 861 more words


The Hawk, the post-colonial condition and 'that video'

A sparrow hawk flew down and caught a pigeon while Claire Halpin and myself were giving a talk at the Pearse Museum, the other day. Such consternation! 751 more words


No British "royalty" in Ireland 2016

It may be a paradox to support Sinn Fein and now oppose the Queen coming to Ireland in 2016 but I couldn’t care less. While Martin McGuinness is right to have met the Queen and taken a step towards friendship with the unionist community, it certainly doesn’t mean he is no longer a republican. 191 more words


The Buffet Barracks Grave

A grave dug fit for the poet

keeps snug the romantic intentions

of the ‘dead and gone’

that he lay down with his ink and scroll. 91 more words


Fighting for Moore (Street)

There have been a lot of ups and downs, questions, and contentious debates in Dublin regarding just what to do with Moore Street. It is home to one of the only outdoor produce and farmer’s markets left in the city, it is a magnet for black market cigarette sales and it is an historical gem that should never be lost. 519 more words