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Fighting for Moore (Street)

There have been a lot of ups and downs, questions, and contentious debates in Dublin regarding just what to do with Moore Street. It is home to one of the only outdoor produce and farmer’s markets left in the city, it is a magnet for black market cigarette sales and it is an historical gem that should never be lost. 519 more words


Let Them Eat...

Poster out, time/date confirmed: ‘CAKE’ will broadcast on KCLR 96fm, Oct. 12th at 6pm (GMT).

A 45-minute play, set in Waterford, Ireland in 1915-1920, CAKE is a period drama focusing on a local family challenged by opposing allegiances: Lance Corporal Joseph Bohan-O’Shea is fighting at the Somme whilst his Northern Protestant wife May raises their four children down south in Waterford City. 148 more words

#Ireland: Friendship with #Britain ‘must not stop Easter Rising celebration’

A leading Irish historian has expressed concern that Ireland’s current friendship with Britain may curtail the centenary celebrations of the Easter Rising.

There has been an increased concern by some groups in Ireland that the memories of the men and women who fought for their country nearly a hundred years ago, will not be properly honoured because of Ireland’s current strong relationship with Britain. 487 more words


A Socialist Insurgent

BOOK REVIEW by Bill Anderson

This book is part of a series, 16 Lives, all being reviewed by Tinteán reviewers.

Lorcan Collins: James Connolly: 16 Lives… 954 more words


Brutalised by Prison, and with a Thirst for Revenge

BOOK REVIEW by Peter Kiernan

A review in the Series 16 Lives, commemorating those who were executed after the Easter Rising.

Helen Litton: 16 LIVES: Thomas Clarke,  1,293 more words


Turbulent Times

Most of our second day in Dublin was devoted to learning more about the Easter Rising of 1916 and the War of Independence a few years later which led to the establishment of the Irish Free State and then the Republic of Ireland as we know it today. 283 more words

Green Fields

Tell me of the Easter fields.

Tell me of the martyrs,
Untamed by rope and chains
and whips,
Broken from their cages.

Tell me of the rebels, 35 more words