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Easter Dishcloth - Updated

The first of April, I shared my Easter Dishcloth.

However, I had not taken the time to finish the pattern for publishing.  Thanks to Sue, one of my blog readers, I was motivated to finish it.  332 more words


Steppin’ Out: The Charleston Hat Ladies’ Promenade

Some will say that hats are about function; they keep your head warm in winter, cool in summer, or protected from falling objects. There are religious hats that inspire reverence, and police hats that command respect.


When is being vegan, too much..?

We all have that friend who is vegetarian (vegan). Right?
I’m totally ok with people being vegan: everyone is free to eat what they want (except humans i guess :/ ) 72 more words


How to SMASH an Easter egg

Yes i know Easter was a little while ago already, but this is how behind I am on working on my photo’s.
Here are just 3 cuties of my cousin’s toddler Annie smashing her first easter egg :)


Christ the Lord Is Ris'n To-Day

Christ the Lord is ris’n to-day;
Christians haste your vows to pay;
Offer ye your praises meet,
At the paschal Victim’s feet.
For the sheep the Lamb hath bled, 179 more words


Frosted Windowpanes

As a person who has moved around a lot, having called 15 different places “home” at one time or another (not including visits and vacations and mission trips), I have pared down “stuff” over the moves. 356 more words