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Trip to Warsaw, Poland (picture post)

Everyone I’ve heard discussing Poland always seems to say “Krakow is nicer”. I visited both Warsaw and Krakow, and ended up preferring Warsaw. They’re both gorgeous, but it was the Old Town in Warsaw that sealed the deal. 210 more words


Days 5/7 - Riga

It’s Wimbledon’s birthday!!!! Or it was, when it actually was day 5. I’ll catch up some time soon, I promise. Just as soon as the computer and the internet stop ganging up on me every time I have any time to write. 1,043 more words


The beautiful mountain villages of Tlyaratinsky district, Dagestan – near Georgia and Azerbaijan’s borders.

To see more picturesque villages of Dagestan – click each photo below

North Caucasus

I had a great title picked out last night while drunk.

Really the best I could have expected! Most fun you can have with Ph.D students and Latinos. First day, ended at 6am. Sun coming up. Parting ways with amazing people. 298 more words


Bosnia & Herzegovina: it's turbulent past + it's bright future

Leaving B+H is bittersweet for us. While we are excited to be off exploring more, we are sad to be leaving a country that we have grown to love so much. 323 more words


Novi Sad: quiet and loud.

Novi Sad is calm, vibrant, musical, relaxed and a wonderful place to let the world roll by.

A short bus journey from Belgrade is the small city of Novi Sad, although locals claim it is the heart of Serbia and the country’s true capital, for the most part it is just a small town. 1,171 more words


Harper pens editorial about Russia for Globe and Mail

TORONTO – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the western world can’t soften its tough stand toward Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, even at the expense of the economy. 229 more words