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Budapest - what to consider when you plan your trip

Budapest has been an incredible city. While I only read a little on Budapest before coming (to help make the immense decision of whether to Prague or to Budapest in my limited time), I somehow just knew I was going to adore it. 1,087 more words


A few heavily edited photographs

Photos of my face placed amongst the above presented views available upon popular demand. So, demand!

P. S. Those gorgeous loafers are from the independent shoe designer BlkSheep Empire

Faces/ Places

On the shores of South Bohemia: České Budejovice and Český Krumlov. PLUS a dip into Moravia

We left Prague early-ish the next morning to embark upon the two and a half hour train ride to České Budejovice, home of the real Czech Budvar beer (not to be confused with the American rubbish, Budweiser). 1,476 more words

Eastern Europe

Prague and Kutna Hora

It’s difficult to put my finger exactly on what it is that makes Prague so special. Perhaps it is the fact that it is a slightly less popular destination than say, Paris or London, so you are free to wander the mazes of streets that comprise the extensive old town in relative peace. 307 more words


The Longest Day Of Our Life

My first meal in Budapest was McDonalds. Don’t judge me. I ate nothing but a few cookies on the seven hour train ride because I forgot to buy anything ahead of time. 908 more words


The Power Of A Hula Hoop

A hula hoop is a powerful tool for making friends. One second you know no one, and the next you’re hula hooping and people are excited to meet you. 464 more words


Eastern Europe

News in relation to piracy crackdown measures has been down the rounds a fair bit. In Australia, the Government is looking at a range of measures that range from cracking down on individuals to a graduated response scheme. 418 more words