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Yard Work

When I write a to-do list, “yard work” is always on it somewhere, but unfortunately doesn’t get done often enough and just when I think I’m beginning to make the slightest dent in the weeds and overgrowth…it rains and everything grows back again. 483 more words


Dragged to the windshield

Dragged to the windshield
A blur of yellow and black
Splat, dead butterfly


Eastern and Canadian Tiger Swallowtails

Swallowtails are North America’s largest butterflies, and their tropical relatives are the largest butterflies in the world. At this time of year, Tiger Swallowtails emerge from their chrysalises and seek nectar wherever they can find it, often in gardens. 175 more words


Can You Spy the Butterfly?

Such excitement this afternoon! I spotted this butterfly around 1230pm Friday afternoon, while I was walking from the play area toward Adams Street. My smartphone photos aren’t great, but upon inspection, I think this is an… 139 more words