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Kit Williamson Discusses "EastSiders" and the Final Season of "Mad Men"

This was an AMAZING interview, and I’m so excited to publish it. Originally posted here.

Kit Williamson is nothing short of a triple threat. He’s been a writer, a director, and an actor – sometimes all at once. 1,777 more words


Why I'm Supporting EastSiders — And Why You Should, Too

You know that old saw, right? The one about taking a village to raise a child? Well, it takes an army to produce a show. And we need some foot soldiers. 445 more words


Wallflowers Returns for a Second Season — No Shrinking Violets Here

Alert readers will already know that there’s not too much that I like more than discovering a really well written and well-produced show. And I’ve got another one for you: … 771 more words