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(Not) Risky Biscuit Breakfast Sandos

I LOVE breakfast, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to get up and hit the drive thru.

These (not) Risky Biscuit Sandos are simple, quick and taste almost as good as the golden arches. 513 more words

Tried & Tested - Egg in an Avo

I’ve been curious to try the egg baked in an avo – skeptical if this could really replace a good old cinnamon oats breakfast. The thought of an baked and an avo separately is delicious, but could the combination work? 289 more words


Back to School!

This week was the first with both of my kids in school. FULL. TIME. And while so many moms are excited for the freedom and opportunity to breathe (which, I too, am thankful for), each time I put them on the bus, my heart sinks a little. 343 more words

Recipe: Lavender earl grey smoothie

Challenge: Try 23 new recipes (20 of 23)

Date: August 17, 2014.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

This smoothie is full of flavour and works as a full meal replacement. 133 more words


vanilla bean-raspberry baked doughnuts with orange glaze

I love a good doughnut, and I love a good baked one. With a doughnut pan, you can have fresh, hot doughnuts at home in 20 minutes and don’t have to worry about splattering the kitchen in hot frying oil. 461 more words


Carrot Cake... for Breakfast?

I mean, who doesn’t love carrot cake? And who doesn’t love cookies? And who doesn’t love to eat cake and cookies for breakfast?? If you answered no to any of these questions, just stop reading. 410 more words


Mid-summer smoothie making

Mornings are not my jam. I hit the snooze button on my phone at least three times every morning before rolling out of bed. As a result of this I end up with no time to make breakfast.  292 more words

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