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Toast and Eggs

One of the fondest memories I have of my grandma was when she used to visit with us and make us breakfast in the mornings. Her specialty was boiled eggs and toast soldiers. 278 more words


Back-to-school breakfast frittatas!

I love spending 3-4 weeks in the US during the summer holiday. I spend most of my time with family and friends mostly enjoying all my favorite Portland spots for beers, meals and dessert. 339 more words


9 month old - pancakes - cow's milk? - ugh!

So in an effort to get the baby onto day care’s snack and lunch schedule (I want to get my money’s worth after all and stop having to buy or attempt to make baby food!) we ventured into the world of pancakes this morning. 460 more words

Easy Breakfast

Turkey bacon, avocado, egg & cheese for breakfast-- Thank me later.

WARNING: This breakfast sandwich will give you energy to perform your best today. It will taste good. You will probably want it for breakfast again tomorrow. 219 more words


On the Cheap: Single Serve Oatmeal Packets

This post title might sound a little strange but for real. This might change the way you buy your oatmeal. Like stated previously, I’m very frugal. 266 more words


This Quinoa is BANANAS

Yeah, I said it… this shizzz is BANANAS. Its GROOD. Great & Good. I’m so SEAUX incredibly opposed to bland ordinary breakfast food. If I’m eating the calories, I’m going to enjoy it. 147 more words


Being Too Busy is a Lame Excuse for Skipping Breakfast

(All references to people are made in jest.  They don’t pertain to any specific person so don’t even try playing the guessing game on this one.) 909 more words