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Another day, another cake!!

I wanted to make an apple cake since forever, but never did. So this week when there were too many apples that needed to be finished I went ahead and got it done. 107 more words


Strawberry cake – easy!

I have moved – find my new recipes on www.cuisinefiend.com.

Oh so good, melty-in-your-mouth cake. Once I got so pissed off with l’homme de ma vie… 345 more words

Cakes And Biscuits

Because I can

Sitting here on the eve of my little guy’s fourth birthday, the house is a tip. I have half-baked bits everywhere and a huge box of stuff to transport to the playgroup rooms. 493 more words

Sweet Stuff

Apricot Pumpkinseed Mini Cakes

Styria (Steiermark) is a province in the South of Austria and is very famous for its pumpkinseeds and it’s oil.

I love the nutty flavour of roasted pumpkinseeds and believe it goes really well with the apricots. 134 more words

ايزي كيك

المكونات :

2 علبه قشطه

1 كوب آيس كريم نكهه الشوكولاته

1/2 كوب سكر ناعم الحبيبات

3 ملعقه كبيرة كاكاو سادة

1/4 كوب زيت ذرة

1 1/2 بكيت بسكويت شاي

1/4 كوب جوز هند

الطريقه :

1. في وعاء عميق نضع القشطه + الآيس كريم + السكر+ الكاكاو + الزيت و نخفق بالخفاقه اليدويه جيدا الى ان يتجانس الخليط

2.  نسكر قطع البسكويت  بحيث تكون القطع متوسطه الحجم و نضيفها الى الخليط و نقلب بالملعقه

3.على ورقه المنيوم كبيرة نرش كميه من جوز الهند ثم نضع الخليط بشكل طولي  و نلفها رول ثم نضعها في الفريزر لمده 4-6 ساعات

**يمكن وضعها في قوالب اخرى و التحكم في تشكيلها**

4. نقطعها و نضعها بطبق التقديم

sprinkle cake

If you’ve ever tried to throw a party you probably noticed that the desserts are often the priciest part. When you’re busy making paper chains or tissue paper garlands, it’s hard to imagine all that work to diy half your party…and then pay $100 just for the calories! 771 more words


Pretty Blossom Cake

Another cake from the archives and thus quite a long time ago!

I made this cake (very quickly) for a friend. It was a white chocolate mud cake with a ganache crumb coat and a thin fondant cover. 29 more words