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3 Days

My mission if I should choose to accept it is …I have 3 days to craft a family of toddler friendly rabbits that must rate high on the cute scale, why 3 days do you ask …ah that’s simple, that is the only time I have left to craft for Christmas because  beginning the 20th December I begin my long stint at ‘The Workplace’ that’s right I’m working over Christmas, so everything has to be in order by the weekend. 139 more words


Incense and Peppermints - Garter Eyelet Scarf

This is a gift I’m making for a friend. It’s a super simple garter stitch with two rows or yarn-overs and k2togs to create the eyelet effect. 56 more words


Foodie Friday: Waste Not, Want Not

Around 220 million tonnes of food is wasted on an annual basis. On a global level it seems ridiculous that there are people starving and other people throwing food away. 585 more words


Knitting Project #4 & 5 : Slippers & Rollin Beret

Slippers & Rollin Beret

Udah lama ga update knitting wip, walaupun begitu masih tetep nyicil kok dikit-dikit. Oh iya setelah kemarin bergelut dengan teknik megang jarum yang enak akhirnya sekarang udah mulai nemu rhythm nya. 336 more words

Billow and Breeze - Rent Shawl Pattern Testing

I’m pattern testing a version of the ‘Rent’ shawl from Outlander for my mother.

I’m excited for it – this yarn has been waiting to be something for quite awhile. 37 more words


Let Me Be Your Star - Star Stitch Scarf

This is a Christmas gift and I really hope the person it’s for doesn’t see this post!

Normally, it’s pretty safe for me to post gifts, because people don’t know they’re for them, but this person picked out their yarn, so I expect she’ll recognize it. 71 more words


Sugar Plum Fairy - Leg Warmers

I think I’m going to give DPNs a try tomorrow with this pattern: Ella Knitted Leg Warmers

I’ve got this beautiful Berroco Brio that has been patiently waiting to be used and I think it’s time! 12 more words