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Adulterous Woman Sex Act Sin In Flagrante Sinner: ADULT MATERIAL

This post is ‘inspired’ (if that’s the right word -which I doubt) by the above legend: a search term I found upon my blog today. So, I have appeared to go along with the title, whilst actually doing something very different – as you will see, if you persevere to the end! 1,057 more words

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Fear of anger

For as long as I can remember, I have been terrified of anger. My own and other people’s. I will soothe and smooth, grovel and ameliorate, back off and back down if I think that I am about to be told off or shouted at. 930 more words

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Sacred humour: April Moon 14

I am, as you know, a student of the Western Mystical Tradition and I celebrate the ancient festivals with ritual This, to me, is sacred and, often, both moving and life-changing. 997 more words

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Left-handed or right-handed?

All pictures taken from Google Images:

My ¬†father should have been left-handed, but he came from the generation which had an almost superstitious fear of left; teachers, at his prep school, for whom the word’ sinister’, in the original Latin meaning, had crossed the line into horror film many decades previously, used punitive measures against any burgeoning lefties. 995 more words

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Junk Food Junkie: Daily Prompt


To the tune of ‘Pick a Pocket or Two’ (‘Oliver’ tune sung by the infamous Fagin):

Verse 1

Why should we break a fart, 161 more words

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Sixteen: Daily Prompt


I can date this almost exactly: Winter 1974, probably February – because I was given the dress for my sixteenth birthday in January*.

‘Sweet sixteen – and never been kissed!’ as the saying goes. 853 more words

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April Moon 14, Day 3. Home: earliest memory...

Home for me spelled, and smelled of, fear. There were many reasons: my father’s diabetes; the fragility of my parents’ marriage; the anger between them… 411 more words

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