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Spicy Cheesy Cornbread

This isn’t really like my other cornbread recipes that I’ve posted at all. My other two cornbread recipes were pretty cut-and-dry, cornmeal-and-some-other-stuff, cornbread-flavored cornbread. This is a little different from those recipes, in that you get both the texture of the whole corn and the kick from the spicy cheese and chili powder. 128 more words


Healthy Pesto Chicken Salad Bowl!

My mom and I found packets of fresh basil at less than a dollar at this new grocery store that just opened next door. So we decided to make an all-natural, homemade garlic-basil pesto with the fragrant leaves! 296 more words


Bite-size Spicy Surimi Crab Salad

I love, love sushi but my family besides my son does not like it at all. So at default of going to a sushi restaurant, I often buy some sushi at the Fresh market for Lunch. 468 more words

What's Up In Cecile's Kitchen

Bella's Salmon and Pesto Pasta - Summertime Cooking

Friday 18th June ’14 in London saw one of the hottest days of the year so far, with temperatures soaring to 30ºC from midday onwards. This meant a particularly sticky and uncomfortable long train journey from central London to my home in Essex. 266 more words


Still hanging around at home for a few more days. And for some reason, we have all these apples. So I decided to make applesauce. 296 more words


Cool Yogurt Salad

A few years ago, tzatziki was all I could think about. These days I’ve moved on to yogurt salad. The influx of Mediterranean and middle eastern restaurants in Bay Ridge has certainly contributed to the habit. 266 more words


Green Mango Ceviche

Spanish Version

It’s Mango season, which means well have mangoes for a few weeks now, one of the most wonderful things of living in caracas its the quantity of fruit trees all over the city, which makes it great to walk around this time of the year and pick up mangoes, rose apples or spanish limes. 224 more words

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