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Mini Churros with Caramel Sauce

i love any mini version of food. So i made the mini version of these churros. I can’t seem to get a good picture when i made these because a) the lighting in my house and b) the camera i use for taking the pictures. 567 more words

Coconut Chips Two Ways

Coconut chips are my latest obsession.  If you are a fan of coconut and you haven’t tried these yet, you are in for a tasty surprise.   235 more words


Easy Banana-Apple Bars

Morning, Friends! These delicious banana bars are super easy to make, and your family and friends will love them! Even better, you can dress them up or down. 157 more words

Chocolate Coated Dates - Fast, healthy and delicious!!

Firstly, let me tell you that i haven’t eaten chocolate or bread for over 2 weeks… um… except today i had that chocolate craving. You know the one you get that just doesn’t go away and no matter how many other things you eat you just can’t ignore it? 224 more words


Power Bars

These deliciously, low-carb, power bars ROCK! I made a batch of these the other night and brought them to work to get opinions from my co-workers. 411 more words


Easy Spring Chocolate Pretzel Treats

As soon as it hit 50 degrees (maybe even 45) I immediately started wearing skirts and dresses, minus the tights and leggings. After a winter like Indiana just had, this sunshine and warmth feels glorious! 212 more words


Easy Quesadillas Anytime

When I say easy, I mean easy. Save your money and make fresh quesadillas anytime without one of those quesadilla-making contraptions. All you need for the basics is - 278 more words