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Protein-Packed Post-Workout Recovery Salad with Avocado, Tempeh, & Tangy Tahini Lime Dressing

One of my good friends is an avid athlete who has a genuine interest in reducing his animal product intake, but continuously finds himself choosing to eat meat post workout in order to get his protein fix. 600 more words


homemade baked beans

I don’t eat a lot of beans but find that a hangover can be addressed in a healthy but satisfying way with a breakfast of baked beans! 280 more words

Cooked Vegan Recipes

sheperds pie

When I left Boston just after the record-making arctic winter this year to come home to a Sydney winter I wasn’t overly happy… I do love my sunshine! 471 more words

Cooked Vegan Recipes

Lemon Garlic Zucchini Pasta with Hazelnuts

I’ve been neglectful of you readers. I’m like that super fake friend you have who doesn’t respond to your text message inviting her for drinks but responds a week later with one that says ‘Miss you xo :)’ and you’re thinking ‘ya if you missed me then you would have returned my text you stupid smelly canker-blossom.’ 323 more words