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The best websites make it easy to help others

Instead believes that, with the right opportunities, everyone can be a philanthropist.

By partnering with key non-profits, instead provides a way to make small donations; usually in the amount of $3 and $5. 10 more words

Birthday Cakes

I love baking, especially birthday cakes. I always try to be creative, finding a design that will ‘suit’ the person, and the occasion. A while ago i was stuck for an idea, but i knew my friend liked roses. 135 more words


Layered Black Bean Dip

We’ve hit the point of the year where even if the weather not got around to summer, we’re slipping into autumn.

I was standing at the stove cooking and the breeze coming through the window was cold. 243 more words


Bake~ Easy Cinnamon Apple Crumble

I normally dislike cooked fruit. But then, the boyfriend wanted apple crumble and I fell in love… with the apple crumble :P This recipe is super easy (make and bake within 1 hour), can be done in a short amount of time and taste really yummy(: 176 more words


Custard Kisses

These biscuits are delicious! The biscuits are actually sweet enough on their own, but taste amazing when sandwiched together with icing or jam.

makes approx 40 ‘halves’ 205 more words