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How To Become a Mermaid, SUPER EASY AND WORKS!

Spell: mermaids in the deep blue sea, please grant my wish, i wish to become a mermaid, o i wish to become a mermaid So my friend did it and now she is a mer… 20 more words

Movie ontology for retrieving data

I have created a recommendation system based on movie ontology (in owl format). However, when I try to retrieve movie features such as genre, actors’ names, etc., it fails. 65 more words


Roti Adam and Roti John

AH…the end of October draws near and winter comes ever closer but this isn’t about the passing of the months/seasons. It’s about the bread and the filling we call life (and the actual sandwich fillings). 1,063 more words


Easy Recipes: Stuffed Shells

İçimizdeki Temel Reis’i dışarı çıkarma vakti! Bugün sotelenmiş ıspanak ve kremalı ricotta peynirinin uyumuna tanıklık edeceğiz. İkiside hamurdan kabukların içine yerleştirilip fırına verildiğinde ağızlarımızın suyu akacak! 7 more words

10 Ways to Turn Yourself Into a Productivity Dynamo

You’re only productive at work three days out of the week. How can you improve that?

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Crunchy Bread and Butter Pickles

I feel like I conquered another challenge this week, to go along with my pulled pork success. Good thing it is the end of the week, or I wouldn’t know what to do with myself now! 681 more words


How to crochet an adorable fall pumpkin.

It’s fall. Let’s make a pumpkin!

My pug isn’t quite sure of what to make of it…

What will you need:

Orange yarn for the pumpkin. 493 more words