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#GirlTalk: That's NOT How You Lose Weight!

Ok, so I have a quick question: At what point did it become OK to walk out the house looking like a science project? Oh, you say it’s not? 530 more words

Gabulous Writer

Healthy option Day 1

So I have decided to change my eating habit and go the healthy root you are what you eat….today marks my first day ,follow me on my journey to a healthy life style.. 299 more words

My Health Journey


Sleep. One thing most Mothers (and some Fathers) lack an abundance of. It is very important to get sufficient sleep, especially when trying to lose weight and get fit. 183 more words

Dinner today...

Yummy dinner tonight, Kedgeree!

Rice mixed with salmon (from a can) and a few different spices in the rice, cumin, paprika, cayenne Top with a runny boiled or poached egg. 16 more words

Week Twenty... Down Thirty One

This week was a harder week… Diet and health wise. Wasn’t feeling the best and really ate more crap than I should have. Still didn’t do terrible but not happy with how I was feeling. 245 more words