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Rejoice: The New Red Velvet Oreo Is Almost Here (And You're Wrong If You Don't Love It)

Indulge me in a bit of a rant. Last week news leaked and was confirmed about the release of another limited edition Oreo cookie, Red Velvet Oreos… 522 more words


The Salad Days of January

Is it possible to be too inspired? That sounds like a pretentious question, and you know what, it is. But, sometimes it’s hard to focus on one idea, one theme, one…ending. 781 more words

Eat This!

2 Breads-One to make now!

The winner of this “bread off”  is: (click play) 51 more words

Darla Magee

Resolutions, Part One

Resolution: per Webster’s Dictionary, states: “The act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc.”  With January here and almost halfway done(!), I decided that  for my next 3 Tuesday blogs, I’d focus on some resolutions I have made. 1,138 more words

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EAT THIS: One Pot Bone-Warming Meals

Oh I love the simplicity of my slow cooker on these long cold winter days!  And if I don’t get something in the slow cooker in the morning, I can still easily whip up a one pot bone-warming meal. 518 more words

Eat This!

I Like Big Beets and I Cannot Lie

Typically I like keeping any food posts I make to the confines of my dusty old recipe blog, however, since this is not exactly a recipe and I am positive I will be yapping about more than food in this post, I feel comfortable not categorizing it as a ‘food post’. 500 more words

I Refuse To Conform To Your Ridiculous Category Agenda