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Justa Nother Day

.gas.: I guess I had just thought, sir, that my 12-page term paper on “Nasty Boys” would have been sufficient enough for you to grasp the running theme that they “don’t mean a thing.” Now I see how wrong I was, sir! 123 more words

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Easy Does It!

Today is the first day for taking things easy. Let’s put the fun into getting healthy! I’ve learned so much from GT over the past year and laugh when I think that when I’m out in the boat fishing with my husband of 42 years or when I’m painting with other artists my body is at work increasing my health! 581 more words

Fat Loss

Redemption, thy name is Apple Crisp

Spring has not sprung. If we continue on with that metaphor, Spring is in fact a rusted old coil sticking out of a grotty mattress that someone left on the side of the road 4 months ago. 896 more words

Eat This!

Eat This! Super Simple Spanakopita

I have a pretty bad addiction to spinach pies. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I just can’t resist. A few months ago on set I walked by catering for another show and saw a big ‘ol dish of spanakopita and the caterers took one look at me and insisted I take a dish. 334 more words

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Healthy Food Swaps

Today Risse is the kitchen chatting about National Health Month and some food swaps that you need to make every month of the year.

She gives her top 3 food swaps that will make your diet cleaner and healthier, but without taking away the taste. 70 more words


No Guff Zone

.gas.: When you order a pizza online, as you select the toppings you want, this box pops up telling you that pizza ‘works best’ with minimal toppings.  188 more words

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