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Bad News For Vegans - Plants Can Hear, Feel, Scream Out When THEY ARE BEING EATEN

According to Cocroft, what was exceptional was that the plants World Health Organization had been fed with totally different sounds may distinguish between and respond specifically to the vibrations that indicated caterpillars feeding. 144 more words



Prompt:Your protagonist is an inanimate object granted sentience by a higher power.

It was Johnathan Apple’s worst choice ever to decide to see what it was like to be eaten with feelings. 36 more words

Flash Fiction

Watch out for the crocodile

It’s lucky that master Kawazu was not eaten: he’s got a class to teach tonight!


Barbara Mandrell and Mr. Munchie

Memory is a strange thing, particular TV memories from youth.  I could have sworn I once saw a TV show in which Irlene Mandrell was eaten by Sweetums, the big monster from the Muppets.   186 more words


Oh, the Humanity!

There is nothing (NOTHING) worse in a knitter’s life than pulling out a sweater, or a scarf, or even a ball of yarn and finding that THE BUGS have gotten to it. 384 more words