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Happy Planking.

So remember that time, a few weeks ago, I was all gung-ho about starting my HIIT training at home? I was going to post pictures of my progress and share the whole experience. 779 more words

Pancake delight

Good Morning Guys!

For this long weekend I choose a yummy healthy pancake. I’m sure you’ll love!

Actually I saw a lot of recipes of pancake and in the end did this one by myself. 151 more words

Banana Ice Cream

This “ice cream” is one of the simplest dessert to make! It comes out creamy and thick, just like real ice cream, but it is completely raw and delicious! 109 more words

Eating Clean!

Eating clean!

Crockpot Dinner,Chicken Jambalaya,Clean Eating

All right everyone! Feeling really good today! Got up, cleaned the house, went to the gym, and Greg is at work for the rest of the night so I get to have the house all to myself. 303 more words

Easter Almond Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I bought these Easter themed M&Ms last week at the grocery store. They were a total impulse buy. I think I made a mistake of going to the store when I was hungry… 282 more words


Healthy Eating: Thai Green Squid and Shrimp (Good Friday Appropriate)

I love seafood and Asian cuisine, so this is one of my favourite meals I’ve had lately!  To make this a healthy low carb meal, I skip the rice or noodles with these meals and just load up with the good stuff! 177 more words

Healthy Eating

Getting the Bloat Out of Your Diet

I will forewarn you that this could be a TMI post for some people. If you didn’t already know, women, in particular, struggle with bloating especially around certain times of the month. 428 more words