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How a Burrito Got Me On the Travel Channel and Why I Regret it

I’m going to be on television.

And it’s not going to be pretty.

No, really. My face is going to be smeared with oily, red volcano sauce that is the direct result from me taking a bite of a burrito and dragging out kim chi with my teeth. 1,102 more words

The Peep Eating Challenge

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Today in Baseball: April 3rd, 1919

April 3rd, 1919 – “One of the most bizarre off-the-field incidents history takes place in Jacksonville, Florida. New York Yankees outfielder Ping Bodie competes against an ostrich named “Percy” in a spaghetti-eating contest!

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A Sampling of the Spice of Spring

To say that it’s been a long, cold winter (and spring so far) in the New York City area at this point would be akin to saying that being on fire is somewhat vexing, or that superhero The Flash is moderately successful when it comes to foot races. 864 more words

Tales Of Interest

Word of the Day Poem: Edacity

I entered my boy Ellis at the fair’s pie eating contest
And I’ve unleashed a monster!

He finished through his twenty pies
Then sat back in his chair… 154 more words


We want your grossest eating challenge photos and videos

Have you scarfed down a plate full of hot dogs in five minutes? Eaten a pile of spicy wings for a t-shirt? We want to feature you on Extreme Eats! 9 more words

The 22nd WIP Wing Bowl

“I’m covering Wing Bowl,” I would say, and then, without fail, the other person would laugh. A 120lb Nebraskan woman, who ate a record-breaking 363 wings in 30 minutes, won. 131 more words