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Ana vs. Jehana vs. My inner rational voice Joy

Dear World,

It happened again at dinner and so I decided to sort out my thoughts by grouping them into three different categories. Completely horrible, horrible but with good intentions, and actually helpful thoughts. 277 more words

I Never Thought I'd Be Here

Dear World,

My life feels like it’s falling apart. I’ve been out of school for four weeks in the stupid mental hospital that I can’t seem to stay out of. 292 more words

A Frightening Day to Overcome

“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” ~Bertrand Russell

What many people living outside the eating disorder community don’t know is that anorexia nervosa is not homogenous disease.

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October 13: Another Day in Treatment

Today marks my third week in treatment. My experiences here have been tumultuous and eye-opening. For so long, I have been disconnected from my emotions and unaware of what I have been feeling. 413 more words

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Five Foundational Elements of Recovering from Eating Disorders

A plan

Recovering from disordered eating is possible, but it does take a solid plan to figure out what your path to recovery will be. Disordered eating can become a way life, to the extent that it feels like there is no escape. 587 more words

Eating Disorder Treatment

October 9: Another Day in Treatment

One of my favorite groups here is “Creative Arts,” which is basically art therapy. It’s led by Marissa, a wonderful, kind therapist who always comes up with inventive ideas for activities. 412 more words

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Eating Disorder Conversation to Healthy Self

Look at your phone. Feel how you sink into the bed, how your body feels so heavy. What time is it? Time to get up you lazy ass. 1,287 more words