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Sorry I’ve been a bit absent. I just don’t like writing blogs when I’m sad because I don’t want to bring all of y’all down! But yeah, today is especially a bad day. 179 more words

Day two

Today I woke up with one thing on my mind, food. Cheese on toast to be specific, lots of it, dripping with butter. I don’t usually wake up with craving like this, it’s normally reserved for later on in the evening. 419 more words


Reflection on the discussion of the "ego."

Lately, much discussion has centered around letting go of the “ego” etc. I have been pondering this lately and asking what does this really mean and is it good? 598 more words

Recovery = Boobs

So yesterday was the end of my thirty days going make-up free and the first day I wore some make-up. I didn’t know what I was doing, so it didn’t look that good. 159 more words

Personal Story


Once again I have managed to royally F things up. I was meant to be going to stay with a friend for three night-where i could have fasted the whole time- and my anxiety got too much for me. 409 more words

Hunger: Body rebelling

In the aftermath of yesterday’s epic purging sessions, breath stinks of garlic (which I believe is nature’s antibiotic) & lethargy is reigning like it always does. 303 more words

It Works!

It’s been two months to the day since I publicly came out with the fact that I am bulimic. I was terrified to do so, worried that people would be too uncomfortable to actually take in what I was saying, and ultimately, afraid of being judged. 485 more words