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The somewhat bummer summer

This post is really me just thinking out loud, but it is something that really bothers me. Kind of boring but I still hope you enjoy!

Eating Disorder

The important question: Do you like you?

I saw this video today and I was absolutely astonished by the message. It seems like such a straight forward message, but at the same time, my own body image got so bad that I developed bulimia. 218 more words

Recovery Diary : Day #41

Today wasn’t as fabulous as the past few have been. I find that it’s still hard for me to eat what I’m supposed to when I’m alone – even with the extreme hunger clawing at me. 355 more words



Two weeks ago, I sat in a therapy room with A and told her how desperately I wanted to kill myself. My honesty came after a number of weeks of being at rock bottom – speaking to crisis hotlines, considering going to A&E, calculating pill quantities… it was an incredibly low time, and I was very honest. 416 more words


I’m in a cage. No one sees the bars but me. I can see out and my god it looks beautiful. But I can’t have it; for the bars are made of a composition that only some will understand. 102 more words



I just got back from LA late last night. It was a trip I was extremely nervous to go on, one that I wasn’t looking forward to, and one that gave me full-blown anxiety. 513 more words