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please read this one ?

u were so tiny in bed , next to me like that. i wanted to put my mouth all over u and over again

   ur bed was that ocean i only wade in. 219 more words


My constant hunger and need for validation sickens me to no end.

Last night, my best friend and I were talking over Facebook chat. She lives about 4 hours away from me now. 1,013 more words

Diary of an Anorexic (Part 2 of 2)

In case you haven’t read it yet, Part One can be found here.

Beginning Recovery:

I keep having a battle with my mind. My rational side keeps telling me that I’ve made the right choice by choosing recovery, but my irrational one keeps telling me I made a mistake and I’m not actually sick – that all these people are making it up. 1,794 more words


Returning Home

School officially ended on Thursday and I packed up my dorm room and with my Dad’s help, we drove home the first batch of my ridiculous amount of luggage. 454 more words



Title: Ed

The idea behind this installation is based on my personal experiences with eating disorders. I like that the skele is gender ambiguous. The weighing scale and the use of cutlery represents the constant struggle between the body’s primal instinct to nourish and the mental desire to be bone-thin. 397 more words


As someone who can’t quite decide if I’m overweight or not (I definitely am) , I find it confusing and awkward to hear others fat-bashing. 670 more words


A Heartless Comment Can Destroy a Life

I am sad to say that since the birth of the human race, cruelty has continued to rob people of  their laughter, of their smiles, and of their hope. 424 more words