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believe it.

I can feel myself breaking, I’ve been saying it for weeks. But it’s not that sudden shatter of dropping glass on cement. It is the painfully slow decaying that goes unnoticed by so many until it is too late and it’s collapsing under the pressure. 145 more words

Escaping Alcatraz and Finding True Freedom

“More tears crested as I realized that even if I were with my godmother today, I would be getting no pleasure from the visit. My nostalgia was based in myth. 428 more words


discharged !!

So the past few days have been crazy once again. I am not complaining….well i am but i never seem to get a freaking break these days. 307 more words


Jesus what a day already. I was out on the trail by 8:15am and it’s only 9:30 now. I walked all of 5 minutes from my little cabin shelter and what a shock to see my first view of Lake Superior! 1,880 more words


Is Not Eating Selfish?

Now, now. I don’t mean is starving yourself selfish. I’m talkin’ about choosing different foods or choosing to not eat when you are around other people. 196 more words



Setbacks are a part of life. No matter how much you plan, implement and perfect there are things that will pull you back down or back to your old ways. 613 more words

Of wide hips and body image

I had no clue who Iggy azalea is until today, someone on my Facebook feed mentioned how HOT she is, so naturally being the curious cat I am and because of sheer boredom I googled her, then her body measurements.