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Why I NEEDED My Anorexia

I needed my eating disorder.

Shocked? Good.

Now stoke the flames of confusion for a minute because I’m not going to answer that question right away. 515 more words


Volunteering helps recovery

In the summer of 2010, when I was 16, I enrolled in the Quest Youth Leadership Program put on by the City of Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Culture. 468 more words


How can I Instill Such Hope, But be Left With None of My Own?

In the song “Hope for Now”, Dallas Green asks the very important question, how can I instill such hope but be left with none of my own? 90 more words

Insidious Whispers and Deafening Screams

I mentioned in my last post the the dictator has been whispering in my ear lately, trying to convince me that a relapse into old behaviours wouldn’t be at all a bad thing. 683 more words


Numb but not quite


Thursday morning, I haven’t seen 6:30am in a long time. I have stopped crying but my head is pounding. I feel calmer but that sort of calmness that can be deadly but I am unbothered, sort of numb but not quite. 286 more words

Day Twenty-two

Today was my best day so far!

I woke up feeling motivated and went straight out for a run which gave me energy and clarity.  257 more words

Uncontrolled snaps

Lately I have been super short with people but mainly my sister and family. I hate that I am short with her. I honestly believe it is one way the devil tries to get us a part. 352 more words