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Never thought I'd say this, but the real Hickory Sticks just don't taste the same...

Good news: contrary to popular belief, as previously reported, Hostess Hickory Sticks have not gone extinct.  They just don’t stock ‘em at Metro anymore, or at the Toronto Bus Terminal.  222 more words

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Much to my dismay, Guy Fieri's salsa verde tastes nothing like hairspray...

I love how the jar has 420 ml in it…

Picked this bad boy up at my local Metro.  While I wouldn’t normally pay, like, eight bucks for a jar of hot sauce, this isn’t your ordinary green salsa, no sir!  142 more words

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An ode to the Subway Prime Rib Melt...

O Prime Rib Melt, shall I compare thee to a regular sub?

Thou art more tasty and more flavourful,

Though this past October otherwise fucking sucked ( 72 more words

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Next time, I think I'll pass on the pulled-pork party...

Nowadays, it seems that the hottest trend in fast food is pulled pork.  Hell, even my local Longo’s grocery store is serving up pulled-pork pizza, and I’m pretty sure the second period of the last Flames game I watched was brought to you by Swanson’s Hungry-Man Pulled Pork Dinner.  193 more words

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Fuck Ford Nation, I'm voting Bacon Nation!

Because who doesn’t like bacon, right?  Bacon Nation‘s Notorious P.I.G. burger, pictured above, is topped with regular bacon, back bacon and pulled pork–and did I mention that the patty’s made outta bacon, too?  143 more words

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