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Fuck Ford Nation, I'm voting Bacon Nation!

Because who doesn’t like bacon, right?  Bacon Nation‘s Notorious P.I.G. burger, pictured above, is topped with regular bacon, back bacon and pulled pork–and did I mention that the patty’s made outta bacon, too?  143 more words

Toronto The Good

I just ate the last bag of Hostess Hickory Sticks. Sad days ahead!

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to–or at all, for that matter.  When Hostess went outta business a couple years back cuz it didn’t wanna pay its employees’ Obamacare, several cases of Twinkies, Ho-Hos and yes, even Hickory Sticks, were selling off on eBay–or at least, they were being listed for sale, anyways.  306 more words

Oh Canada!

What visit to Ottawa would be complete without a trip to Fake Real Sports?

Now, I’ve been to the real Real Sports Bar & Grill a handful of times, mostly to watch football–whether it was the Super Bowl, a post-Seahawks-shitstomping-Buffalo celebration, or, more recently, when I had basketball tickets on the evening of the Hawks’ Wild Card playoff game.  293 more words

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