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Parts & Labour Burger, hold the hipsters!

The last time I went to Parkdale hipster dive Parts & Labour was a couple years back, when due to a double booking, uber-loud sludge duo The Body ended up sharing the bill with some indie dance rock outfit in their basement concert space.  196 more words

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John Catucci is a true Canadian!

It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing: back-to-back new episodes of You Gotta Eat Here!  When I first heard about the Food Network show, Canada’s answer to… 389 more words

Oh Canada!

I survived... the infamous Rochester garbage plate!

Rochester, New York might only be 75 miles from Buffalo, but if you think it’s a wing town, think again.  Sure, they serve chicken wings, like every other place on the planet, but their local culinary special is much closer to a French-Canadian classic.  355 more words

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BURGER DAY 2014: It's a beautiful day in the burgerhood...

Burger Day 2014 featured a few changes from the previous format.  For one, they moved it way down south to the park behind Fort York.  All in all, this was probably a good thing–green grass, picnic tables, more open space…and, most importantly, you could drink a beer outside, which wasn’t the case at the Wychwood Barns. 674 more words

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BURGER WEEK 2014: So I went to a Happy Hooker, and all I got was a tuna sandwich!

Man, Happy Hooker musta had a good night last night, seeing as they were late in opening this afternoon.  And no, I’m not referring to a brothel where all the ladies have a heart of gold, like Julia Roberts in… 203 more words

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BURGER WEEK 2014: This one goes to e11even!

Although it was no-tie-day Friday at the office, I still got to try on a black-tie burger.  And at e11even, where a cheeseburger from the regular menu costs 20 dollars–and a “maple burger” sells for 25–I gotta say, 13 bucks for their Burger Week special is a damn good deal.  134 more words

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BURGER WEEK 2014: Malfunction at The Junction!

So, the plan was originally to go to Fat Louie’s BBQ, a food truck in the parking lot of a Rona in The Junction.  But they completely lost power before I was able to place my order, shutting down early for the evening.  177 more words

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