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Pizza Express - New Vegan Pizza

A few months ago, Pizza Express had a campaign on their facebook page where they asked those in facebookland for suggestions for new pizza toppings. The overwhelming response was “vegan cheese”. 267 more words


Vegetarianism for Lent

Every year I decide to give up something for Lent. No I’m not religious, I just feel that it is good for the soul to deprive yourself of something you crave, enjoy, desire or any other number of synonyms for the word ‘want’. 641 more words


Cocktail making at Toast in Lytham

I got a Groupon deal for tapas and cocktail making at Toast in Lytham for J for a Christmas gift. It was £17.50 for both of us so I really wasn’t expecting what we got in the end! 137 more words

Eating Out

Low on Funds? Have You Checked Your Fridge Lately?

What is food waste?


Food waste is any food we throw away that could have been eaten, but was not. This includes any groceries we bought but never used, the steak that you sent back that was medium when you wanted medium-rare, or the leftovers you just did not feel like eating for a week. 597 more words


Yesterday was my Mom’s 64th birthday.  We originally had a reservation at Constantia Glen, but decided to head in the opposite direction when I was reminded of the annual… 74 more words

April 2014: Cape Town

Paella and Tapas Meal

Having travelled to the Canary Islands I have fallen in love with Spanish food. Although I’ve never been to mainland Spain (on my long list of places to visit) I thoroughly enjoyed the seafood dishes and of course, tapas. 290 more words