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Upbeat Living:  Getting A Bigger Better Brain!

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Got memory problems?  Feel stressed when you can’t remember things?  Want to prevent or minimize Alzheimer’s Disease?  797 more words


Sketch Artist Alert!

Ola readers!! So what’s going on? Why I am such a sketch-artist for writing in here? Well! I have been doing two photography workshops at the same time plus I have been doing some photography sessions too. 363 more words


Top Three Ways Eating Right Helps You Age Better

You’ve all seen the commercials on eating your way thin or eat your way to a better body. But what about eating at that time not only for the benefits of having a better body at the time. 371 more words

Eating Right

Is Not Eating Selfish?

Now, now. I don’t mean is starving yourself selfish. I’m talkin’ about choosing different foods or choosing to not eat when you are around other people. 196 more words


Lifestyle, Photography, and it's in San Diego

Funny thing about these photos, which you would have never guessed (so I’m telling you here and now), is that this day was really windy.  I mean… 93 more words

San Diego

Healthy isn't a number

A few weeks ago when I was stuck on the scale for about 2 weeks straight, I was ready to give up. I was meticulously planning every meal, denying bites of everyone’s food around me, tracking every little bit that went into my body. 342 more words


Food Sample Feature - Himalayan Salts

Our Barrie office has been offering food samples over the past week (and next week as well!!) Tomorrow (Friday, July 25) they will be sampling Himalayan Salts.  317 more words

Healthy Living