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Baptism by Fire… The New Grill Works Brilliantly! by Marketman

We finally got to use the new barbecue grill/station we had constructed at the beach and it worked brilliantly!

via Market Manila Marketman http://ift.tt/1jJG2la


syA #201 - Re-Heat The Leftovers

It might not be this second right now but eventually I’m going to eat all of this.


My Rollercoaster life...

I look back at my ramblings and I realize wow, you are all over the place. Your emotions are up and down. You keep saying you’re going to post on here more often yet there are weeks and weeks that go by before you even log back in, and most of the time you have to reset the password because it’s been so long since you’ve signed in! 404 more words

My Ramblings

Check the time before it's too late.

Are you someone who is so busy during the day, the only possible time you can eat a proper meal is before bed? Is 9pm the time when the kids are asleep, you put your feet up, and the treats fall into your lap? 558 more words

And the Scale Says...

I got back into ballet at 14, and since that time I have always been unhappy with my weight. I never really remember worrying much about it before then, since I lost about 15 pounds so no real reason at 13. 609 more words

My Introduction to the Internet

If you’re a foodie like me, going anywhere new is an exciting experience.   The possibilities in a new city, state, or country are literally endless when it comes to food!   315 more words


Seeing The Grey

For me, life is black and white.

It either is or it isn’t.

I’m either perfect or a failure.

I leave no room for “mistakes.” I get obsessed over unimportant details. 335 more words