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Once Upon a Time, Two People Met Online...

I’m sure you caught the admission that I became Mrs. PT in the strangest of ways…and we’ve been open about our story with so many of you now, that you might already know. 1,423 more words


How to Make Mealtimes on Passover Much More Enjoyable

This day has turned out to be perfectly awful, capped off with my Internet deciding to go to Italy or something, so I’m posting this from my iPad, which means I’ll have to return later for tags and graphics. 614 more words

Weight Management Programs | Best Foods For Weight Loss | Clean Eating Meal Plan

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Me and Mia

Getting diagnosed is a weird experience. Even when you know something’s wrong – when you’ve all but diagnosed yourself in your head – you can feel like you’ve been slammed against a wall when a doctor tells you, yeah, this is what you have. 355 more words

Your Taste Buds Can Make You Healthy?

There are several tastes: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, and Umame.

Bitter is supposed to warn us of poison, but it seems to be a valuable currency in modern hipster foodies who enjoy dandelions, mustard greens, old fashions, and other challenging flavors.   1,188 more words



Finals week is upon us and it feels as though the world is at the brink of the apocalypse. But really it is. Being a girl during finals week means unleashing the wrath that is stress while downing an entire carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to satisfy our feelings of doom and distress. 255 more words

interim success

it worked! as i said, if i go to bed a bit hungry, i have success. NOT if i don’t drink enough fluids and am dehydrated… obviously that would negate good results by causing what would appear to be a rebound the following week, so i don’t even want to set myself up for that! 233 more words

Weight Loss