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Procrasti-BAKING :)

When life chills out, and I find myself with some space to breathe, you’ll usually find me either napping, eating and oftentimes a combination of… 647 more words

Adam's New Training Plan

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Adam Learns. I am currently working my last 3 days at my job and then starting an employment vacation (it sounds less sad than unemployment and less cliché than funemployment). 864 more words

It's Been Good

Hubby and I are not working the last two days because of the public holidays. We have had a long four day weekend and the girls have a week off from school this week. 125 more words


Canihua Shiitake Sushi

If you’re a fan of quinoa, you’ll love canihua. Packed with all the goodness of quinoa but in miniature form!

I love eating with my hands, and sushi is the perfect food for it. 354 more words



Why do we feel guilt about the most insignificant of things?  It seems almost unnecessary.  Like, when we forget to remind someone about a meeting, we then naturally allow ourselves to feel guilty.   352 more words


Day 198, Ingredient No. 111-Wasabi

I am not easily embarrassed. That being said, when your bare ass is on display in front of multiple strangers while they poke, prod, and view it with intensity, it’s hard not to get a little red in the cheeks. 712 more words


So Sad

Hello.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  So much has happened.  My husband went into the hospital a few weeks ago because his liver function numbers were bad.   337 more words