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To all who read and follow regularly, I apologize greatly for the delay in my postings. My laptop has broken for the most part (thanks a lot 2008 DELL) so I haven’t been able to type up these postings at my house in a timely manner. 386 more words

Fight back the heat with Shave It

With so few locations to its name, Shave It has not exploded in the mainstream media, but you shouldn’t overlook this hip and up-and-coming desert location. 372 more words


Savory Summer Watermelon Salad with Balsamic and Feta

And just like that, summer arrived. Rolling into the kitchen, ushered along by my foot, the watermelon sat solidly on the ground. While I unloaded grocery bags from my arms, jamming butter and melted ice cream in the fridge, summer waited. 319 more words


Summer Bevies!

The temperatures are rising, which means one thing:

SUMMER is coming!

Time for flip flops, dinner outdoors on the patio, and parties.

And what party doesn’t need a good signature drink (or two)? 143 more words


Easter Weekend.

Are you sweating mini eggs and chocolate at your workouts so far this week? I SURE AM.

Post-spin yesterday morning ;)

But it was all worth it, of course :) 374 more words

My Habits

Rosemarry Me

Whipped up for a potluck (does your life ever feel like an endless game of potluck roulette?) these little cookies were a perfect dessert, served with a small scoop of ice cream. 285 more words


Rita's Water Ice

Opinions are like pie holes – everybody’s got one.

And in my opinion, the best flavor combination at Rita’s Water Ice (“people go to Rita’s, people go to Rita’s”) is vanilla frozen custard and mango water ice. 126 more words