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Just When Was The Mongol Introduced?

  • The book I Heart Design says it was in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • In Stamps of the Philippines, Lisa Mapua says 1999 was the Mongol’s 150th anniversary (i.e.
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Eberhard Faber

Two Cents Worth Of Difference

An issue of Business Screen magazine from 1939 made mention of a short film called Two Cents Worth Of Difference. It’s a 38-minute “sound film” made by the Eberhard Faber Company for training and advertising purposes. 183 more words


Bands of Brothers

WordPress tells me that Contrapuntalism is five years old today. There have been 292 posts so far and 1,014 comments. The most frequently-read post (though it is more appropriate to call it a ‘page’) is… 288 more words


A Window On The Past (3)

Eberhard Faber exhibit at the Panama-Pacific Exposition, 1915.

Davis & Banister window display, 1915.


Believe It Or Not

Image © PBS

It looks like Robert Ripley was a Mongol fan, too.


Violinist Michael Rabin, Mongol Enthusiast

A screen grab from a documentary about violinist Michael Rabin; he’s using an Eberhard Faber Mongol to edit his score.

Thanks to Elaine!

Eberhard Faber


There are a lot of Fabers.

And it seems like no matter where you turn there is another Lothar or Eberhard to be found, in both the German and American branches of the family. 667 more words