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"Grade? F."

Even casual pencil users wonder from time to time about the numbers and letters stamped on the barrel that indicate the grade of its graphite. There is more than one explanation for those familiar Hs and Bs, not to mention No. 193 more words


Eberhard Faber No. 32

Eberhard Faber combination pencil and dip pen, ca. 1912.


Mongol Pencils

These pencils were initially made by Eberhard Faber as high end kids pencils and were continued for a few years by Berol. Most were thin like Verithins but some were thicker.


Spectracolor Color Pencils

Spectracolor pencils were first made by Venus which had colored labels, then by Eberhard Faber with black labels. then by Berol and discontinued circa 1999.   It looks like Venus only made 48 colors or maybe 60 colors, and then Eberhard Faber extended it to 96 colors.  284 more words


Eberhard Faber Col-erase Pencils

Eagle or Berol did not make Col-erase pencils; and around the time that these pencils were discontinued, Sanford that had bought all these brands, launched similar pencils with the same title, even the exact spelling of Col-Erase, not let us say Color-Erase or Eraseable.  78 more words


Public 2500

This pencil by Eberhard Faber is another reminder that there must be hundreds (if not thousands) of great pencils that are lost to history.

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