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Clampesque Streaks of Black and Blue

With as many pencils and pencil-makers as there were during the first half of the twentieth century, it doesn’t come as a surprise that similar ideas, names, and designs seemingly overlapped from time to time. 395 more words



Product catalogs from pencil-makers-gone-by are difficult to find, especially those dating back to the first half of the 20th century. It was usually only resellers who were privy to these catalogs so compared to the pure tonnage of print advertising that was produced for consumers each year, few full-range catalogs were printed to begin with. 187 more words


History of Canadian Pencils

My current theory is that circa 1960 there was one main pencil plant in Canada located in Quebec (maybe two), that first made mainly Venus brand pencils (e.g. 119 more words


A Window On The Past

Library of Congress

This Richmond and Backus Co. window display from 1902 is packed with all kinds of name-brand stationery items, including E. Faber’s Circular Erasers, Columbia Drawing Ink, and Keuffel & Esser Slide Rules to name a few. 31 more words


Sweet Little Harriet Gimbel

What originally began as a post about an interesting photo from the 1920s quickly twisted and turned into something else. The woman in this photograph is called Harriet (or Harriette) Gimbel, who at the time was one of the players in the 1920 musical  454 more words


Eberhard Faber No. 7049

There seems to be an endless number of these small, inexpensive cases and collections that the Eberhard Faber Co. produced for students. This one is made of what feels like treated paper—not quite as strong as cloth but tougher than just regular paper. 78 more words