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Further Evolution of A Book Cover

I just can’t seem to decide on a final cover for my debut novel, Canswer.

Here is what I started with:

I liked it at the time; I felt it encapsulated the loneliness and isolation of the main character, as well as being two big themes of the story itself. 269 more words


How do you decide to buy a book or ebook?

Recently I’ve read a number of articles and posts by authors, cover designers, book publishers which, when taken together, suggest readers only buy ebooks/books with great covers, readers only buy ebooks/books because the sample content is great and could care less about how the cover looks, readers only buy books/ebooks because of great reviews, readers seldom buy books/ebooks based only upon reviews, readers never buy cheaper ebooks, readers mostly buy cheap ebooks. 118 more words

Pre-made ebook cover 004CLO

Budget: Premium

With this series, I wanted a dynamic composition, as if the couple are being captured mid-moment in a fast-paced affair.  The design combines a stock photo with fabric elements and lighting effects layered up to give a hyper-real effect. 34 more words

Best Ebook Cover Designs

Pre-made ebook cover 003MYS

Budget: Premium

A bit grungy, a bit sea-side surf town or island get-away. The couple is stock photography, hand-traced, and I’ve created an abstract background to depict a derelict, painted concrete wall with fading tropical murals and graffiti.   18 more words

Best Ebook Cover Designs