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Ecover Design – Start Your Own Service

Every saleable thing needs good packaging as presentation is most important to convince the target buyers that product within is excellent and up to their expectation. 502 more words

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Ebook Design with Photoshop Action – Less Trouble, Great Joy

It is never easy to write a book, especially a good book though that is nothing if compared with art of marketing a book. Without any effective and solid strategy in place, it would be just like stepping in market without identifying any target customer group. 464 more words

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Cover story: Sister I need your help

I never got a job in publishing from knowing someone. I’m no-one’s daughter, niece, pal or whatever, I’m as far from publishing royalty as can be. 527 more words


0092 - Why Writers Need to Avoid Being a Jack of All Trades

As some of this readership knows, I’m in the tech side of the education industry. Thus, I come across plenty of people with different tech skills than my own. 224 more words

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Importance of Graphic Images on Your Minisite Design

A good number of minisites is designed every day. They are mini websites though have different purpose to serve. More traditional websites that we are familiar with represent your business online. 501 more words

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再加上這個封面雖呈現出我想要的空靈感,但以設計而言有些制式,呆板,而且總覺不適合HE的結局。 設計感言-純粹以設計來說,我會選這個封面。因為插圖本身很優秀,顏色也很華麗,蠻容易吸引人的的眼球,達到封面幫文字加分的效果。



Importance of 3D Ecover Design - It Boosts up Sale

It is unfortunate that an ecover design seldom drops a hint about if the book is pleasant-reading or not. Even if a book reads well, it may feature a disgusting cover page and the opposite is true as well. 479 more words

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