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Kobo、高解像度で防水加工のAura H20を発表 [ #cbajp ]

Koboから業界を震撼させる新たな電子書籍リーダーが登場してきた。標準で防水加工が施された179ドル99セントのデバイスだ。解像度は265DPIで、6.8インチ画面にe-inkを表示する。このKobo Aura H20はAura HDの後継だが、さらに薄く、そして軽くなっており、なによりも他機種に先駆けてIP67準拠の防水/防塵性能を備えている。



DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS - Some Really Good, FREE, and Tasty Software

 One of my passions is software and when I come across something that is professional in stature and FREE, I really get excited.

Software developers are a completely different breed of people that are dedicated to a building process that can literally require years of devotion to get it just right or to keep up with changes. 188 more words


A new toy in the house.. The Kindle Paperwhite!

After a long drawn to-buy-or-not-to-buy argument, we finally bought it. Still new to this toy.. If anybody has tips or ideas, do let me know!