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Kobo report on using big data to help authors

An opportunity lies among those books that have high completion rates yet suffer low sales. Clearly those readers who have stumbled upon these books have loved them – so while the marketing team or editorial department may not have seen a winner among these titles, the reader did; it may well be worth experimenting with marketing efforts to see if the books catch on with a wider audience once they’ve been surfaced and attention is drawn to them. 140 more words

“But life goes on... and like my mum said, ‘people like him don’t have a soul!’” - Serial Life Wrecker

“But life goes on… and like my mum said, ‘people like him don’t have a soul!’”

Kirstie Leigh Pillay

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Robot Awareness Part II is done

Good news, Farven Pointers! I just finished self-editing Robot Awareness, Part II!

That means the book just needs to go to an outside editor for notes. 232 more words

Welcome, Readers from Australia

This blog is called “Welcome Readers” because I believe most visitors will come here looking for more information about the author of Once Upon a Dirtball, … 132 more words

Book Chat - Current Sales & Recent Releases: Where do you find bargain books?

I love when I find a book from my wish list on sale. Since I read a lot of ebooks, I can usually find some pretty good deals and nothing beats finding a good freebie! 567 more words


Maintaining ebook motivation

So I have to admit I went into a bit of a funk lately. After the high of releasing by sci-fi robot ebook, Robot Awareness, my motivation came crashing down after slow sales. 380 more words

Top Money Making Online Programs for Bloggers

Who knew that writing about your thoughts, travels or products — if you own a business, will make you money? It was unheard of until the internet became a source of anything and everything, and blogging came to existence. 558 more words