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Entry #5, in which my friend and I indulge in the delights of the Ice Circus, and I win myself a prize.

It’s enjoyable enough to visit a wondrous circus made of ice, but it’s far more delightful to do so with someone who personally knows all of the most skilled and charming performers. 1,508 more words

Adventure Story

First go with permafree

Well, I’ve thrown my hat into the permafree ring. Liquid Blue, Book 1, Part I is now being price matched on Amazon for $0 (and is priced so elsewhere). 127 more words

How to make money in Thailand

How to make money in Thailand
This eBook will teach you how to make money in Thailand without resorting to teaching. These are the secret tricks to make money while living in Thailand. 6 more words

Brimstone and Darkened are Free!

I have been trying to get Amazon to price match my books for the last several months. I don’t know why it took so long. I could probably go into a whole conspiracy theory about how Amazon hates me but that would make me sound like a nutjob so I’ll save that for the voices in my head. 270 more words


Review! 'Christian Theology and African Traditions'

Christian Theology and African Traditions

by Matthew Michael

ISBN: 9780718892944

“A well researched contribution to the necessary interaction that must take place between Christian doctrine and African traditions… A masterpiece in the sense that it sets a pace for the objective religious engagement in a pluralistic religious continent. 38 more words


So Excited


Today, I finally published my book through Kindle Publishing. It should appear on Amazon.com within 24 hours. The title of the book is “The Little Debt-Free Book” and I began writing it in 2008. 444 more words


Free Ebook

The official release date of Faith In Forgiving will be on August 8, 2014. It’s now available in other Apple iBookstores (US, UK and AU), Barnes & Noble and in Kobo for pre-order which only costs $.99. 255 more words

Faith In Forgiving