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Are Publishers "The Good Guys" or "The Bad Guys"? (Part 1)

Depends on who you ask.

As an editor, I obviously want publishers to succeed for the sake of my future employment and good literature, but I also want to feel like the people I work for are on the right side of things. 2,305 more words


In the Land of Gods Now Published

Another short story of is finally being thrown out into the wilds of the internet in ebook format. This one is a tale chronicling a girl who is living in a modern world that is being manipulated and altered by a number of gods who walk among us. 237 more words


Book Review: A Broken Girl's Journey By Niki Jilvontae

This is a really good book. I had trouble puling myself away! It has it all. Hopelessness and redemption. Love and hate. It’s just another day in the life of a fourteen year old who has been through it all and lived to tell. 9 more words

Writer's Blog

Author blog - work in progress

Coming soon – This blog is still is still in testing mode.

Please pop back soon!

In the meantime, you can buy Donna Marie Oldfield’s books from Amazon at the links below. 72 more words

Friday Highlights 97

I’ve been watching episodes of The Americans this week and I have to say I’m totally hooked on the show. I love that it’s from both points of view (American & Russian) and though fictional, gives a believable glimpse of what it must have been like for those involved (spies, agents, etc) during that time in history. 409 more words

Jackie Jones

Open Road Media & Mystery eBooks

The most depressing thing about managing a book collection is weeding.  It might seems like an easy decision to get rid of a book you’ve read, but invariably, doesn’t it always seem like you want or need to refer back to that book only to find out you don’t have it anymore? 468 more words