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20. The End of the Twenties

I’m back with another “Fiction by Numbers” tale.  We are now up to number 20.

*  *  *  *  *

In her apartment high on the hillside above Hollywood, Lotte raised her glass of champagne to the twinkling lights of the city. 409 more words

Flash Fiction

Writing an Epic Fantasy

For three years I’ve had an enormous idea in my head.  Those writers out there probably know the kind I’m talking about.  It’s a huge plot that seems beyond my capacity to do well.  604 more words


B&N just stole my idea and I couldn't be happier...

When the e-book became a thing, I had the same feeling my father had when MP3s became ubiquitous: terrified of my favorite bookstores, indie and otherwise, shuttering down forever. 518 more words


Ice character Spotlight-Sebastian Quiroga

Name: Sebastaian Quiroga

Age: late forties

Family: Mercedes de los Satos de Quiroga (wife), Cierra Quiroga (daughter), Natalia de los Santos (niece), and many other family members. 122 more words


Experimenting with my Kids

This latest experiment has nothing to do with work, but it has all to do with my two children. Nearly a month ago, I became really concerned about how few books my children were reading and how much time they were engaging in online games that added little intellectual value to their lives. 641 more words

Personal Reflections

Do We Really Get What We're Reading?

While e-books have yet to replace print books in terms of sales (and incidentally, growth in sales seems to have slowed in recent years), they are a fixture in the marketplace and not going anywhere.  486 more words


5 Bits of Simple Advice for Fiction Writers from Very Famous Editors


After 20 years as an editor in New York City publishing houses, I heard a lot of things. I even read a book proposal from a woman whose life was transformed after she met Tom Cruise. 377 more words