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B2B eCommerce ROI Model

B2B eCommerce Today

I was researching the business case for eCommerce in the B2B environment when I ran across this great blog post by Sam Bayer. 118 more words

Mobile Metrics

So you want to do a startup?

I enjoy mixing with startup people; and I’ve been catching up with quite a few recently, a meeting here, a cup of coffee there, a presentation somewhere else.  614 more words


RFID: Fundamental Key to Tracking Inventory for Omnichannel Success

Oganizations are moving quickly to add eCommerce platforms to create the Omnichannel experience.  eCommerce platforms are like the shell of the house. Without proper planning for electrical and plumbing, it’s not going to work as planned.  569 more words

Mobile Metrics

Perth, the MBA and tech startups

I was recently interviewed by Business Because, a network for MBA graduates.

You first studied in the UK – which country are you originally from? 1,547 more words


Will Internet of Things spark supply chain reaction?

Supply chain, as a business management practice, is now 30 years old, but we are just beginning. We have a bright future ahead of us if we can adapt. 389 more words


Old-Fashioned eMarketing

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in a student town, and it’s sufficiently disheartening that I’m the only person in the entire place who was alive when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, but now…something worse is happening. 315 more words