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ssh to the ec2 instance(beanstalk)

Configure Security Group

  1. In the AWS console, open the EC2 tab.
  2. Select the relevant region and click on Security Group.
  3. You should have an elasticbeanstalk-default…
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Automatically Deploy from GitHub Using AWS CodeDeploy

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AWS CodeDeploy is a new service that makes it easy to deploy application updates to Amazon EC2 instances. CodeDeploy is targeted at customers who manage their EC2 instances directly, instead of those who use an application management service like AWS Elastic Beanstalk or AWS OpsWorks that have their own built-in deployment features. 107 more words


Deploying WordPress to Amazon Web Services AWS EC2 and RDS via ElasticBeanstalk

Src: https://www.otreva.com/blog/deploying-wordpress-amazon-web-services-aws-ec2-rds-via-elasticbeanstalk/

A common question we get asked is how do I ensure my WordPress application can scale with an influx of demand? What can I do do ensure high uptimes and great performance? 1,760 more words


Running Your Own Server

In the age of cloud server, hosting your server has never been cheaper. Chances are you already are paying for web hosting of some sort from places like bluehost or hostgator. 398 more words


Roll-your-own geocoding with OpenStreetMap Nominatim on Amazon EC2

Sometimes you need to geocode a few addresses, and while Google is obviously the gold standard, the Google Maps API conditions are quite strict – you are supposed only to geocode addresses you will be displaying in conjunction with a Google map. 433 more words

Chef 12, Jenkins, and AWS Provisioning - part 1

This week I have been testing some new tools in our environment that are really going to be pivotal to our local development workflow as well as (long term) important to automate systems provisioning natively from chef. 1,443 more words


Comprehensive list of data science resources

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Here we blended together the best of the best resources posted recently on DSC. It would be great to organize them by category, but for now they are organized by date. 34 more words