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Upgrading my microservices-based application to the new version of Docker using Packer and Chef

For some time now I’ve been running Docker-based dev and prod environments on Amazon EC2. Even though Docker is pretty new it works well and it’s a good platform for deploying… 440 more words


MySQL Crashing on Amazon AWS

I run quite a lot of website servers and one particular problem I have been running into over the last few days was our MySQL databases coming in as corrupt. 168 more words


Forwarding port to Postgresql

I have a postgres database installed on an EBS drive in EC2. Recently I had to access this DB from the local machine. These are my setup notes. 129 more words

Port Forwarding

Add and enable Swap on ec2 instance

To add this extra space to your instance you type:

sudo /bin/dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.1 bs=1M count=1024
sudo /sbin/mkswap /var/swap.1
sudo /sbin/swapon /var/swap.1

If you need more than 1024 then change that to something higher. 18 more words


mysql ssh tunneling on ec2 instance

ssh -L 4000:xxx.yyyy.rds.amazonaws.com:3306 -i .ssh/MyKey.pem ec2-user@ec2-54-215-43-78.compute-1.amazonaws.com

This will connect to mysql running on xxx.yyyy.rds.amazonaws.com on port 3306 through this  host ec2-54-215-43-78.compute-1.amazonaws.com with user name ec2-user whenever we connect localhost port…

20 more words
Cloud Computing

Start stopped instances that all have the same name

It’s worth learning the AWS CLI and jq in order to do one-off batch operations to EC2 instances. I needed to start a group of stopped instances that all had the same name.  25 more words