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Amazon Adds Auto-Recovery To Its EC2 Cloud Instances

Amazon had its share of outages. These forced the prudent users to factor that into their design. One of the important guidelines which I… 383 more words


Configuring a basic environment on AWS - (part 4 NAT and Web server on EC2 instances)

Starting from we left off on the last post.

Lets go ahead and configure all the instances we created (Bastion, NAT and App)

Bastion Host: 889 more words

Launching my first Amazon EC2 Instance

This was my first time setting up an instance. You can check it out here.

Programs used: Amazon EC2, PuTTy/PuTTygen

Setting Up Amazon EC2: 554 more words


You can now automatically recover instances for Amazon EC2

In yet another sign that the big cloud players of Google, Amazon and Microsoft have moved on from just storage price cuts are in the midst of a… 394 more words

Configuring a basic environment on AWS (part 3 - EC2)

You can create virtual servers on AWS using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates your need to invest in hardware up front, so you can develop and deploy applications faster. 878 more words

Restoring EC2 Instances from Snapshots

I was having trouble finding documentation about Amazon EC2 instance restorations, but finally found this article which I’ve tested and verified is correct. http://blog.ecloudgate.com/how-to-restore-ec2-instance-from-snapshot/


Start/Stop Cloudera CDH 5.3 and AWS EC2 Instances

I created a repo in github, awscdh, that shows basic examples of how to call the AWS SDK for EC2 to start/stop EC2 instances and the Cloudera CDH API to start/stop CDH services. 143 more words