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Using a public Amazon EC2 Image on your account

Recently I have been in the need of having an image of Amazon Web services EC2 (Stand for Elastic Computing). Amazon was a pioneer in the offer of VPS, other companies have step up like Rackspace, Microsoft and Google. 282 more words

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I uploaded my whole genome sequence data to the cloud.

I got genomed by Illumina.

In March 2014, my wife and I “got genomed” by enrolling in Illumina’s Understand Your Genome (UYG) program. UYG requires participants to order this whole genome sequence (WGS) test from their physicians  360 more words

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Uploading GoDaddy SSL cert on AWS Load Balancer

So you have purchased an SSL certificate from GoDaddy and now you want to deploy it on the Amazon Load Balancer. This article assumes you generated the CSR before buying the certificate following the steps described  196 more words


Configuring AWS ELB to work with IIS Host Headers

After my previous experience with configuring AWS ELB to work with Windows Authentication (see http://cloudninjablog.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/configuring-aws-elb-to-work-with-windows-authentication/) , I thought it prudent not to assume it would work out-of-the box with IIS Host Headers.  229 more words


Upgrading my microservices-based application to the new version of Docker using Packer and Chef

For some time now I’ve been running Docker-based dev and prod environments on Amazon EC2. Even though Docker is pretty new it works well and it’s a good platform for deploying… 440 more words


MySQL Crashing on Amazon AWS

I run quite a lot of website servers and one particular problem I have been running into over the last few days was our MySQL databases coming in as corrupt. 168 more words


Forwarding port to Postgresql

I have a postgres database installed on an EBS drive in EC2. Recently I had to access this DB from the local machine. These are my setup notes. 129 more words

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