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  • Continuing the migration into AWS. 15 servers have turned into 25 EC2 instances, two elasticache clusters, and one RDS multi-az instance. Nice clean logical division of functionality … and about 50% the monthly cost.
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Installing NodeJS in AWS EC2

This tutorial aims to  help beginners in setting up EC2 security group, ubuntu firewall, and ubuntu port forwarding.   At the end of the tutorial will be using NodeJS to demo how to access EC2 Server. 380 more words


Configuring a Free Always On IRC Client

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has been around for a long time now. It’s a protocol for group chat on a client/server network model. What’s important is that it’s the… 1,627 more words

Howto: Allowing SFTP access while chrooting the user and denying shell access.

Usually SFTP will allow a system user to access their home directory to upload and download files with their account. The SFTP user can navigate anywhere in the server some times can download files it will produce security vulnerability. 190 more words


Howto: Setup and Secure Linux SSH Logins to use Private PEM Keys

One of the most secure way to connect ssh from public is through private Key, the key authentication mechanism won’t allow the attackers to make stress to the ssh service even it won’t allow DDOS or brute force attacks. 254 more words


Moving to AWS...

As the project grew, we started downloading tweets from various journal websites and tried to set up an algorithm to parse tweets that were related to particular papers and link them to the paper; thereby producing another “metric” to compare papers by. 843 more words