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Notes From Underground: The ECB Is On the Horns of a Dilemma ... Again

Let us continue where last night’s blog ended. This week’s move by the French President Hollande to reshuffle the government’s cabinet should be perceived as a way for France to negotiate for a depreciation in the… 760 more words


Notes From Underground: Been Gone So Long It Looks Like 1939

It has been refreshing to sit and watch the world spin without the pressure to react to the daily dose of instability. Europe is devolving into the mess that I have been blogging about for almost five years. 932 more words


Notes From Underground: Its a Very Cold Day In July ... When Bundesbank Capitulates

The financial press is filled with articles about the recent EURO weakness. During the last week the EU currency has fallen about 1.5 percent. Many pundits have opined that it is the Ukraine situation and Gaza that have made investors uneasy, thus the move into U.S. 562 more words


Notes From Underground: The Bank That Kicked the Hornets Nest

The release of Thursday’s U.S. employment data synchronized with ADP’s private sector report of 281,000 jobs created. The Department of Labor had a gain of 288,000, including the strongest growth in government jobs since the onset of the great financial crisis. 958 more words