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Notes From Underground: Hail Mario, the Conquering Central Banker Is Now AVE MARIA

Open letter to Mario Draghi: Grow some cojones! If the onset of deflation scares you and other ECB members, why is it that you do not have the intestinal fortitude to enact the… 671 more words


Notes From Underground: People Get Ready For The ECB Money Train

In a paean to Curtis Mayfield and the Chambers Brothers:

“People get ready,there’s a train comin’ “

It is not a LOVE train,┬ánor PEACE… 786 more words


Notes From Underground: The Air Is Too Thin In the Alps

The Swiss referendum on gold purchases, and, more importantly, setting a fixed GOLD/RESERVE RATIO of 20 percent was OVERWHELMINGLY defeated by a Swiss electorate suffering from a lack of oxygen reaching their brains. 737 more words


Notes From Underground: To the Readers of "Notes From Underground"

Happy Thanksgiving!

It takes readers to make a successful blog and I have been blessed to have readers who are able to add to the discourse that makes for profitable investments and trades. 703 more words


Notes From Underground: To Print or Not to Print (For the BOJ and SNB)

In the time of “secular stagnation,” the burden of economic policy has fallen on the world’s central bankers. Whatever the question of economic malaise the answer is to print money and stave off the fear of deflation. 796 more words


Notes From Underground: A Short Hiatus Before Year-End Volatility Rises

For the next few days I will be resting, hoping to enjoy some peace before the potential storms that face the financial markets at the end of 2014. 740 more words


Notes From Underground: Another G-20 Communique ... Yada, Yada, Yada

The gathering in Brisbane, Australia provided a backdrop for the world’s leaders to reveal their warm and fuzzy sides to the cameras as koalas were distributed… 1,054 more words