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An One, Holy, Catholic, Movement?

When you first enter what is 21st century Anglicanism in North America you could imagine yourself in the famous Mos Eisley Catina Bar in Star Wars. 529 more words


Theology, Science, and Critical Discourse (Part 3)

We finally arrive at Ernst Troeltsch and his engagement with a multifaceted and problematic relationship between theology and social science. In parts 1 and 2… 1,444 more words

The Seat of Moses, Its Powers and Perils

“What can we do? These are our bishops. We know that they have betrayed Orthodoxy and that they are breaking the Holy Canons that tell us that we must avoid all prayers with the heterodox. 4,331 more words

Glossary Of Terms

Of deacons

In the course of a certain recent train of thought set off by a certain portion of preparation, I struggled to identify a particular set of resources. 195 more words

Christian Living

Worshipping Men

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the problem of worshipping men.

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A Shepherd's Dilemma

Frankly, it’s hard for any pastor, I suspect, to zero in on only one. Lots of things perplex, challenge, disturb, perhaps even dismay a shepherd of God’s sheep. 693 more words


Church planting and the London Baptist Confessions of Faith

Almost as soon as Calvinistic Baptists appeared on the scene in 1640s England, they demonstrated a whole-hearted commitment to evangelism and church planting. They were not alone, for many of the Puritans expressed concern for the regions of their country not yet blossoming with Gospel assemblies.[2] None of these men could be content enjoying their own privileges, but actively engaged in seeking to bring the message of Christ to others.

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Missiology And Evangelism