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The Church as the Father's Gift to the Son

I have always been intrigued by the potential implications of John 17 for ecclesiology. These three texts refer immediately to the disciples and by extension to the church (17:20). 99 more words


Thy Kingdom Come...

“Thy Kingdom Come.”

The question of the Parousia remains the great question of Christianity: and of course in itself it is no question at all. The Kingdom is already established, but not yet definitively mani¬fest—we remain in a time of development, of choice, and of preparation. 559 more words


Archbishop Welby’s Unity Plea to Pope Francis Over Women Bishops

The Archbishop of Canterbury has written to Pope Francis in a plea to prevent the ordination of women bishops from derailing plans for the eventual reunification between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches…

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Coming Soon

Yes that is my name on the cover, want to learn more? Just go here.


Coming to light

Chucking out has yielded fruit.

At St Aidan’s I found a complete set of maniples. The maniple is the vestment that the priest wears over his left arm, rather like the towel you see on a waiter’s arm in a posh restaurant. 197 more words


Church Decline and Karl Marx

From Patrick Deneen’s How Red (State) is Marx?, in The American Conservative:

Here’s what Marx got right—profoundly, overwhelmingly, admirably right: capitalism is unforgiving to “conservatives,” those who care about neighborhood, Church, family, loyalty, tradition. 547 more words