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An Excellent Introduction: Roman Catholics say the darndest things

From the Restless Pilgrim Blog:

An excellent introduction to the differences between a Roman Catholic and an Eastern Catholic/Orthodox Church, entitled Roman Catholics Say the Darndest Things… 8 more words


The Medieval Ecclesiastical Vice – a Virtue?

Author Toby Huitson takes a look back at what inspired him to write his new book, Stairway to Heaven: The Functions of Medieval Upper Spaces. 897 more words


The message of 1 Timothy – Chapter 1

vs 1-11; Paul, leaves Timothy at Ephesus. Instructs him to remain in Ephesus. Paul addresses several issues that were relevant to the church at Ephesus. The theme of this letter is found in 3:15; how one should ‘behave‘ in church. 307 more words

Sermon Reviews

I don’t normally repost other blogger’s work without some kind of critique or response, but this is just too good to pass up.

James White’s… 207 more words


Homily April 27, 2014 Second Sunday of Easter

Our gospel today begins in the evening of Easter Sunday. 10 Apostles are huddled together in the same upper room hiding from the Jews and Romans pondering and discussing all that had occurred… 532 more words


The mantle of adulthood

AS USUAL, C. Wingate has said it just right.

It is time to take up the mantle of adulthood in full, not just its powers, but its responsibilities, and particularly those to what has been passed down through the ages.

196 more words