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Monaco may not be my favourite race, but it never fails to make me happy.

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This is the tunnel section in Monaco. Not exactly the most exciting part of any racetrack including Monaco itself. It is a long sweeping right hander where no one can overtake or even try to without crashing.  393 more words


The most idiotic rule in Formula One history has been scrapped.

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Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Rejoice to the sound of Formula One management finally realising that double points was the most pointless and ridiculous exercise in the history of the sport. 246 more words


Ecclestone: we don’t need young people

By Jack Fielding, Editor

Berine Ecclestone has said Formula 1 should not be chasing a younger generation of fans as they are the wrong target for the sport’s sponsors. 213 more words


F1 - Small teams, Bye Bye

What has happened to Formula one?

This has completely irritated me this week. I’m a huge F1 fan, and seeing Mr Ecclestone interview on the BBC last night about the smaller F1 teams leaving the sport has irritated me so much I could explode! 394 more words


Tales of Woe from Motor Racing's Elite

When you think of Formula One, what comes to mind first? The pinnacle of motor racing? Bernie Ecclestone? Money? Pick any one of those three, and you’ll unearth a calamity with the sport. 919 more words

Tamara Ecclestone's frugal lifestyle

Sorry guys, but I can’t get enough of my favourite 1%er, Tamara Ecclestone.

A few years ago she had a reality show, Billion$ girl,  which unfortunately I cannot find. 358 more words


Tamara Ecclestone: PrettylittleRICHgirl

Tamara Ecclestone’s daddy owns Formula 1, so this 30 year-old Birt has money, money, money. According to the Times, her dad is worth about $3 billion.  22 more words