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Hard-wired 32: Rape as a weapon of war or political policy

The previous post in this series looked at the evolutionary strategy that results in rape as a way to transmit genetic material into the next generation. 280 more words

Hard Wired

TTIP - more "foreign" judges criticising "our" laws?

Last week, on 15 January 2015, TTIP was debated in the House of Commons – see here. It is important for us all, but why? 2,114 more words

In The News

But you don’t know anything about your national law, do you?

Often do I hear prejudiced statements about European Law School, the law programme I study. People seem to be unaware of the substance that we study during the Bachelors programme. 552 more words


Want Baghdad Meziane deported? Leave the ECHR

The Daily Mail today reports a story about Baghdad Meziane.  He is a convicted Al Qaeda fundraiser linked to the man who is believed to have radicalised the Paris terrorists, and is fighting deportation back to Algeria under the Human Rights Act, which was copied word for word from European human rights law. 342 more words

European Court of Human Rights - Rejection of cases filed

Below are the 2 most recent ECHR cases filed by Sebastian’s Parents in August 2014, one regarding the UK (the second one in this case as the first was deemed “Too Complex” and rejected due to the excessive evidence against the UK, over 1200 pages) and one against Hungary, which was subsequently rejected with no grounds by the same (British) case handler. 68 more words


A New Year's Resolution - Salvesen v Riddell

When a court judgment is released by the Court of Session, it is now given a “neutral citation”. This begins with the year , either “CSOH” or “CSIH” (depending on whether it was the Outer or Inner House), then a positive integer (which integer increases by one with each judgment). 280 more words



The swift disposal of my application by the European Court of Human Rights was a huge blow. I was hoping that the matter would at least be heard and that I would finally be able to understand why I lost. 598 more words