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Beyond Sark: The implications of the Barclay case

Although at one level astonishingly complex, the issues at stake in R (Barclay) v Secretary of State for Justice (No 2)  UKSC 54 (press summary… 2,182 more words

Constitutional Law

Privacy and the lack of it

The word privacy holds much debate but lacks value.

According to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, everyone has the right to respect for his of her private and family life, home and correspondence. 92 more words


UK Removal System ECHR Compliant

R (FI) v Secretary of State for the Home Department EWCA Civ 1272 (09 October 2014)

Jimmy Mubenga’s tragic death – caused by asphyxia because he was being manhandled by detention custody officers on an aircraft prior to its departure to Angola – is an unfortunate example of the extreme ways in which foreigners are sometimes treated in the UK. 1,896 more words


Not so much so Nigel Farage but Nigels' Farrago....

Before I start, here’s your starter for ten? How do you pronounce garage? Go on – try it out loud, I’m in no hurry. Done it? 1,262 more words


Human Rights or Bill of Rights?

Earlier this month, all three of the main political parties had their conferences and made clear what changes they would make to society if elected into government next year. 665 more words


‘First as tragedy, second as farce’

Things are getting a bit desperate here, reader; it’s been eight posts and almost a month of on-off blogging, yet there’s still not a journalistic job-offer in sight. 776 more words