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David Cameron's speech

In his speech to the Tory party conference today, the prime minister David Cameron pledged to get rid of the Human Rights Act #HRA and replace it with a British Bill of Rights.  438 more words


David Cameron promises a “British Bill of Rights”. And what, exactly, does that mean?

In his speech to the Conservative Party conference today, David Cameron spoke — albeit in very general terms — about human-rights reform. Here is the entirely of what he said on this subject: 747 more words

Human Rights

A few thoughts about Lord Judge judging judges

In today’s Daily Mail, former Lord Chief Justice engage again in hostile criticism of the Strasbourg Court originally made in the Bar Council magazine Counsel – and the aggrandising of power (my words, not his) by unelected judges there, over and above democratically elected Parliaments. 645 more words

Human Rights Act


Amongst the easy going, tolerant adherents of the religion of peace it has to be admitted that those ‘radical’ Muslims are a bit of a downer. 865 more words

UK’s Tories to scrap human rights act


The British Conservative Party has plans to prevent the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) overruling UK legal decisions. 

According to UK Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, the Conservatives wanted to dismantle the Human Rights Act so that the final rulings in controversial cases could be issued by the supreme court instead of the ECHR based in Strasbourg. 175 more words



It feels a little like Christmas Eve today – anticipating what tomorrow will bring. For many though the Tory’s likely announcement of their plan for the Human Rights Act is going to resemble the revelation of an ill-fitting hand-knitted garish jumper, not the delights of a Breaking Bad boxset. 1,931 more words

Human Rights Act

European Convention on Human Rights

Dominic Grieve was sacked by David Cameron in the last reshuffle and it was widely interpreted as a clearing of the decks by the prime minister of supporters of the Human Rights Act #HRA.  208 more words

Human Rights Act