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E-Cigarette Debate: 7,000 Flavors Of Addiction, But What Well Being Dangers?

E-Cigarette Debate: 7,000 Flavors Of Addiction, But What Well being Dangers?

I’m not young or edgy sufficient to hang out with anybody who smokes e-cigarettes, but I’ve been vaguely aware that they’re a massive and growing factor, and the focus of a massive and growing controversy. 11 more words

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Liquids, juices or however you call them - which are the best ones?

As short as possible – the ones with pharmaceutical quality and as few ingredients as possible. Have you ever seen the leaflet from a chinese liquid? 130 more words


Why Must Electronic Cigarettes Be So Harshly Judged!?!?

I was reading another post that really got me thinking.  So I have been a smoker for 14 years.  I started smoking when I was 13 years old and am now 27.   624 more words



I just discovered today, that there’s a newly opened vape shop in my town. We walked in, and they say they have been there for a couple of weeks now. 233 more words


First Blog Post Ever

Figured I would go ahead and give this blog thing a go. Been all over the country, been to multiple vape shops, tasted various amounts of juice, met tons of wonderful people. 60 more words


Eliquid Nicotine Strength Guide

This is really a vague guide to give newbies some idea of which strength e-liquid to to buy.

Please note that we do not really understand about the genuine absorption rates for e-smoking as compared to traditional smoking. 340 more words


Learn All the Benefits of E Cigarettes

E cigarettes are powered by batteries and individual inhalers. This could make a conversion of liquid solution into a mist and incite the smoking act. This liquid solution often contains nicotine, but this is not a harmful chemical like a traditional tobacco. 310 more words