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The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix

Al diablo con la Academia de los Oscars y sus posturas políticamente correctas; yo sé que seguramente les gustó El lobo de Wall Street; Scorsese sigue en buena forma cinematográfica. 49 more words

Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Remix

Money, Drugs, and Stocks

You saw the movie right? I really hope so, because if you didn’t; go watch it now. Seriously go, I can wait for you. 219 more words


The Wolf Of Wall Street Chest-Thumping Remix You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life

Did you see The Wolf of Wall Street? I personally had very mixed feelings about it – but one scene that stuck with me was Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio’s) lunch with his boss when he was first starting out as a broker. 157 more words


Watch: "The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix"

The McConnaissance is in full swing… The heart-broken Internet community is slowly getting over Leo DiCaprio not receiving an Oscar despite their best wishes… So, why not take advantage of that and do something cool? 98 more words

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McConaughey's 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Chest Thump Gets An Awesome Remix

One of my favorite stories about Wolf of Wall Street is that the chest-thump thing Matthew McConaughey does with Leo in the restaurant wasn’t even in the original script, it was just something DiCaprio saw McConaughey doing by himself that he suggested should be in the movie2. 240 more words

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