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Reflections on "To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day," Alaric Albertsson

There are so many books on Paganism out there that it can be quite difficult for a beginner like me to choose which ones to read. 683 more words


The Good Things about the New Age Movement

In recent years, the New Age movement has been subject to plenty of bashing. At best, its detractors call it tacky, insincere, self-indulgent and a rather silly mash-mash of cultural appropriations. 1,145 more words


Magical/Religious Eclecticism: Various Views

Strategic Sorcery¬†is not a blog I usually read, since it’s more about magic than religion, but the author has come out with a series of posts on eclecticism that I found very insightful and relevant for religious eclecticism as well. 234 more words

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