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How to compile various gtk3 versions and run eclipse Apps with those

When developing SWT widgets, we need to test them on various GTK versions to ensure backwards compatibility.

There are some tricks and perks involved. 321 more words


RingBuffer Component with Put/Get/Clear Events

Sometimes I have a good idea how to extend one of my Processor Expert components with an extra feature, but then I step back because why implementing more than I need at the moment? 283 more words

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Updated Eclipse EmbSysReg Viewer with extra Freescale SVD Files

The EmbSysReg Viewer (http://embsysregview.sourceforge.net/) has been updated with even more Freescale SVD (System View Description) files, with a current count of 96 devices. 277 more words


Hello World GTK3 program in Eclipse

Making a gtk3 application in eclipse can be somewhat tricky as one has to fix dependencies.

Lemme show you how to do it: 310 more words


How to Add Existing Files to Eclipse Projects

This Tip sounds very basic, but still: I get asked about this about once a week. So it must be something non-obvious in Eclipse then ;-): how to add existing files to an Eclipse project. 228 more words

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Building Projects with Eclipse from the Command Line

Eclipse has a great user interface (UI). But what if I want to do things from the command line, without the GUI? For example to build one or more projects in the workspace without using the Eclipse UI? 205 more words

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