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A Ghostly Eclispse?

This week, people have noticed that there was a very odd appearance that made the moon look different. They noticed that there was a very slim crescent moon that also shows the black silhouette of the rest of the moon. 100 more words


Remove unused imports from Eclipse




Maven builds without error but eclipse shows errors

If you use maven to build your eclipse projects, you may notice at times that your eclipse IDE would show errors ( especially if you modified your pom to pull in new dependencies) but maven builds without errors. 46 more words


Creating a Library with Kinetis Design Studio

There is no special option in Kinetis Design Studio ‘New Project Wizard’ (NPW) to create a library (or archive). But it is really easy to create a library project. 435 more words

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Shell Component with History Function

Thanks to the contribution from , the Shell component has now a history function: 187 more words


Code Coverage for Embedded Target with Eclipse, gcc and gcov

The great thing with open source tools like Eclipse and GNU (gcc, gdb) is that there is a wealth of excellent tools: one thing I had in mind to explore for a while is how to generate code coverage of my embedded application. 3,175 more words

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Adding Multiple Include Paths to Build Settings in Eclipse

In Eclipse and CDT, I need to tell the compiler where it has to search for the header files. The normal way is to go to the compiler settings (menu… 317 more words

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