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How to set up RJava in Eclipse

Here is a more detailed tutorial on how to set up RJava using the RJava Eclipse plugin.

The full tutorial is on the studytrails website:  416 more words


McuOnEclipse Components: 07-Dec-2014 Release

Over the last weeks, several contributions, extensions and fixes have been added to the McuOnEclipse components, so a new release is available on SourceForge. 839 more words


SWT Bug Triage

If you are a GTK/SWT developer and want to be involved in SWT Triage,
Then you should read:


It is also useful to subscribe to the swt-platform email in bugzilla. 108 more words


Adding 'Show in Windows Explorer' to Eclipse

In CodeWarrior there was a very useful feature in the CodeWarrior Projects view: with a context menu I can open that folder/file in Windows Explorer: 332 more words

Tips & Tricks

Maven pugin developpers, KILL the "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" error

Maven plugin developers, save this little annoyance to your users. by providing a m2e connector to them.

Don’t worry, this is very simple:

I’ve made a “template” maven project that you can use to make this connector in 5 minutes… 49 more words


McuOnEclipse Component Sources in Dedicated GitHub Repository

From time to time it is good to do some cleanup work: what has grown organically sometimes needs some cuts and moves. The same applies to the McuOnEclipse GitHub repository ( 315 more words


For using Korean or Special characters in eclipse editor

Eclipse editor default character encoding is cp1252. Which doesn’t allow special characters. You can change the character encoding by

right clk on Project-> Properties -> Go to Resource ->See Text file encoding -> Select Other and change to UTF-8 -> Apply