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Automatic Documentation Generation: Doxygen with Processor Expert

One really cool thing with Processor Expert is: it does not only generate the source code for me, it generates as well documentation :-). I’m a believer of the ‘single source’ approach: if I have to document a software project, then the software itself shall be the source of the documentation. 307 more words

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Using an external compare tool for RTC Eclipse

We use RTC and its Eclipse plugin extensively for managing our code base. While it works smoothly most of the times, there are times (specially when you encounter merge conflicts), you wish you were able to use those advanced compare utilities you have installed on your system, like BeyondCompare or Kdiff. 141 more words


GNU Libs with Debug Information: Rebuilding the GNU ARM Libraries

With my DIY tool chain (see “Constructing a Classroom IDE with Eclipse for ARM“) I get a complete tool chain. I do not need to build that tool chain from the sources for Windows, as all the binaries are nicely pre-compiled and made available. 2,109 more words

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Eclipse Performance Improvement Tip: Close Unused Projects

Eclipse is not the fastest and snappiest IDE of the world, but in my view the most versatile and open one. And as with any tool: using it the wrong way does not make it better. 442 more words

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Link to Files and Folders in Eclipse

Eclipse projects have the nice features that they can link to files and folders: so instead of having the physical file, it is just a pointer to a file. 716 more words

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Exclude Source Files from Build in Eclipse

Sometimes I have source files in my project which I do not want to get compiled (or excluded from build). Because as I’m using the ‘managed make’, all source files matching certain extensions (like *.c) are automatically included into the build. 201 more words

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