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Các phím tắt khi lập trình Java, Android trong Eclipse

Ctrl + space Code hinting

Ctrl + O Hiển thị và nhảy tới các thuộc tính, phương thức trong class hiện tại

Ctrl + M… 367 more words


Tip of the Week #1

Comment your code! It’s easy to overlook but can be a real life saver if things start to go wrong. It helps not only yourself but other people make sense of what it is you’re trying to achieve and if you put it on the internet, they may even help with spelling and grammar too. 47 more words


How to setup LWJGL 3, Eclipse

I have been frustratingly been trying to figure out how to install LWJGL 3 (light weight java game library) and have had no luck. As there is lots of documentation on how to install LWJGL 2 but next to nothing on how to install LWJGL 3. 115 more words

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The Easy Way to Import from Guava or Apache Commons

In 1991, Sun Microsystems (specifically, James Gosling) answered a long standing question. The Java programming language, at the time called Oak, was established and released to cut development times into small fractions of what they used to be. 1,102 more words

Michael Eric Oberlin

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Mini Book Review

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner | An Eclipse Novella by Stephenie Meyer

This book is about a newborn vampire named Bree Tanner that was first introduced in “Eclipse” in the Twilight Saga. 88 more words

Eclipse, Java - Android Login interface using wamp server

I am android newbie and I am trying to create a login activity.

I follow this video: http://ift.tt/1xM7lGj but I cant make it.

When I run the application on the Android emulator it returns toast message ‘Connection Error’ (a declared exception in Main.java file below). 692 more words

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Maven pugin developpers, KILL the "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" error

Maven plugin developers, save this little annoyance to your users. by providing a m2e connector to them.

Don’t worry, this is very simple:

I’ve made a “template” maven project that you can use to make this connector in 5 minutes… 49 more words