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Blog: How To Safely Enjoy The Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse happens Thursday, when the moon will be between the sun and the earth. Since it’s a partial eclipse, we will not be in total darkness. 7 more words


A syzygy ... New Moon eclipse in Scorpio

A solar eclipse happens when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are all in a straight line, in Astronomy this pattern is called a syzygy … you’ve just got to love that word!! 469 more words


October 23rd 2014 Partial Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow on the 23rd of August, most of North America will witness a partial eclipse of the Sun as the Moon’s penumbral shadow passes over Earth.  241 more words

Set up a Spring 3 development environment

Set up a Spring 3 development environment

This tutorial explains in short how to set-up a typical environment to develop Spring based applications. There is no prerequesite to this tutorial other then a working Windows XP client with sufficient CPU power and memory. 201 more words


Object-Oriented Programming

This module that I am studying consists of using the Java language. To program in this language, I use Eclipse IDE and Java SE 7. To begin with this module, I am revisiting last year’s techniques, before I improve my skills within this language. 14 more words


Android Asynctask Example

Android Asynctask Example

In this tutorial we are going to see how to use Android AsyncTask. As we read from the Android Documentation : 197 more words