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Picture of the Day: Basketball Eclipse of the Sun

Photograph by MDPPatrick on reddit

Reddit user MDPPatrick took this perfectly timed photo of his brother shooting a basketball and creating an eclipse of the sun at the same time. 186 more words


Eclipse @ JavaOne 2014

Next week is JavaOne, the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco for all-things Java. Over the years, Oracle has done a nice job of bringing back the excitement and community feel of JavaOne. 163 more words


Simple Java

Before we get started with Selenium WebDriver, lets know the basics of any supporting language like Java. Do not jump on to Selenium WebDriver directly, know Selenium IDE first, it helps you learn the former quickly and easily. 438 more words


Show Workspace Name in Eclipse Title Bar

Have you ever been working with multiple Eclipse workspaces open simultaneously and gotten confused as to which workspace was in which window?

As a Java developer I often have a bunch of workspaces open for various types of projects. 123 more words


Your Weekend ECLIPSE Sampler 20-21 September 2014

For 20 September: empowerment at this particular time comes from facing it all (even what we’d rather not), standing up for ourselves and our right to be respected, and involves a willingness to at least question those things we typically consider sacred—they might need a fresh, objective look—and any ways in which we’ve been bending over backward to maintain harmony with the mate or on the home front may also need to be examined. 354 more words


Eclipse Workspace Mechanic for Java Code Format in Team Environment


How do you ensure each developer in your team can deliver Java code in the same format (indentation, line length, code blocks….)? Well, you of course know Eclipse preference is the place to go. 403 more words

Tool And Debug

Apache Ant Integration with TestNG

Apache ANT- To be able to create the better TestNG Report we need to use Apache Ant and Saxon Parsor..Download apache ant and extract the folder where you want to extract. 252 more words