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Organic Sacks 4 Organic Snacks

It’s Saturday Morning and just like your health concious neighbors, you’re at the local farmers market picking up locally grown,

organic fruits and vegetables.

BUT unlike your neighbors, you’ll have the coolest bags to tote around those yummy groceries. 15 more words

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Three Amazing Cruelty Free Brands You Can Find At Sephora

As you know, after my original Makeup Breakup panic, I have been slowly incorporating more and more cruelty free products into my makeup bag. Since most cosmetic brands try to keep their animal testing hush hush, it can be a struggle to find the truth in their policies. 643 more words

CWC News Watch: Sweden Introduces The World's First Garment Made Fully From Recycled Cotton

“Until now old clothes have often been used as filler material for underneath wall-to-wall carpeting, but when the carpeting is removed or the building is knocked down, the material goes to the landfill anyway,” says Lewis Perkins, senior vice president of the San Francisco-based Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, which develops sustainable new uses for discarded products. 302 more words

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Brie's honeybees and flowers

I’m so excited to be writing today’s blog post. I met this wonderful woman this week who has taken floral designs to a whole new world. 177 more words

Los Angeles

Top Five: Reasons Why Feet- to- the Street Commuting will Get You Laid.

Lately, I’ve become enamoured with the concept of non-car transportation, and for a while I was unable to pinpoint exactly why.  So in an attempt to concisely articulate my sentiments toward non-car transportation, I developed a Top Five… 205 more words


Eco chic wedding gowns

I follow a lot of Eco friendly people and businesses on Instagram and many seem to be coming up with their own vegan clothing and accessories line. 201 more words

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