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Eco Accessories

How do you say, ‘May I have a bag please?’ in German? I had no idea. I just looked at my pile of food, looked helplessly back at the toned hip grocery lady, then back at my pile of food again. 497 more words

the big round of applause goes to.... H&M

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Transport, packaging, hangers and shopping bags are all part of the retail business. That said, efficient material use and the application of smart methods to reuse and recycle means we can reduce waste and – one day – get rid of it altogether. 271 more words

Upcycling Denim

Ever thought of your clothing choices can make a difference? 

Let’s not ignore the fact that one of the major sources of pollution is the fashion and textile  industry. Millions of fast fashion clothing that was worn an average of just six times are being land filled everyday. 502 more words

Art And Design

Livia Firth and the ethical fashion revolution

I was reading the Evening Standard on the train home on Monday, when I came across an interview with Livia Firth; Creative Director of Eco-Age, Green Carpet Challenge pioneer, and wife of acting royalty (quite literally), Colin. 512 more words

Brand Feature : REFORMATION {and some cute holiday party dresses for ya}

  I think we can all agree that Reformation makes some really amazing clothes. I especially LOVE the dresses they make in each collection.  But, perhaps the coolest thing about this brand is how they do business: sustainably, ethically, and responsibly. 384 more words

Cruelty Free

Fruit Fragrance

When  it  comes  to  fruit, people  always get the sense of spring and summer, healthy and organic.                                                                               In EcoluxeLondon Boutique, grapes and strawberries, apples and bananas, become hot commodities. 215 more words